Sirius integration

Any thought of adding Sirius radio as a service? Not the highest fi but it’s a great source of that all day background music streamed throughout the house. Given the many audio output options offered, particularly LMS which no longer offers Sirius, that connection would be a great addition. Many other reasons that I’m sure others can add.
Thanks for listening!

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Agree. And for me it’s not because I want to listen to music vis SiriusXM. Rather, it has several news/public radio, etc. shows that my wife and I enjoy. And there are a few music specials I listen to from some of the channels.

The bigger picture for me is that for Roon to become my go-to server, it will have to deal with my own music collection (which in my limited time using it seems to be where Roon really shines…I have about 90,000 files on my own server) AND it must also allow me to listen to:

  1. internet radio (allowing me to add specific URLs if needed to stream a station)
  2. Premium streaming services, but not just TIDAL. Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Music, etc. (I use Spotify myself. I have no need for streaming CD quality as I use streaming as discovery or one-off songs, or when I’m travelling)

Otherwise, I find myself going back and forth between servers/systems and I prefer not to do that.

Internet Radio is coming with Roon 1.2. Users will be able to enter a streaming URL to create station entries.

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I agree. Right now I use Radium which provides tons of Internet radio stations and allows for integration with Sirius XM. I would like to have a single app for controlling all my sources.

I’d love Sirius as well- there are some programs, such as the Metropolitan Opera, that are really only available via Sirius, plus there are a few other stations i listen to a lot such as Pure Jazz and the Loft.

Want to thank you all for the great improvements in 1.2 and again for offering this comprehensive and terrific sounding player. I will put my vote in again for adding more music services and in particular for Sirius service. The ability to tune to a radio url helps but doesn’t get the diversity of the paid services like Sirius, Pandora, etc. Thanks in advance!

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Any update on adding Sirius? I would also like it included as a service in Roon. Thx.

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+1 for Sirius … I have an internet sub on our plan and it would be awesome for all music to be in one place.

+1 on siriusXM

+3 for Sirius. :wink:

Okay, I’ll play…



I don’t know what the communication has been between Roon and Sirius, but in general terms Roon has been open to discussing integration with any service providers. The interest expressed regarding Sirius in this thread might usefully be mirrored to Sirius on any forum they have.

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I’ve not found sirius to be very responsive to subscriber requests like this. But they are more responsive to requests to provide services to other providers. For example, they will talk to folks at SONOS, but essentially ignore subscribers requests that ask that it work with SONOS (well, technically, they don’t ignore, they simply provide a generic response). (and note, sirius does work with SONOS).

This said, I’ll post a comment to SIRIUS again about this with a link to roon info page. But it won’t go anywhere until someone from ROON makes a higher level contact with Sirius.


as expected, my generic response. Many of us got similar responses when we contacted them about LMS a year or so ago.

Dear Mr. XXXX,

Thank you for contacting us regarding SiriusXM compatible devices.

Please visit this link to learn more about SiriusXM compatible devices:

We are forwarding your suggestions to the appropriate department for consideration.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. You can always manage your account online 24/7 by clicking

Thank you,

SiriusXM Listener Care

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Customer Inquiry (Gary XXXXX) 12/06/2016 03:45 PM
I am a auto (2) and internet subscriber. For internet listening it would be great to have SiriusXM work with the network player/software ROON. Roon is similar to SONOS or LMS Squeezebox. Tidal works with Roon. Link to roon here:

p.s. We also lost SiriusXM as an option on LMS Squeezeboxes a year ago. I’d also appreciate that access being restored. Without one or both of these, I’ll likely give up my internet subscription.

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Posted the following on Sirius “contact us” today:
I am writing to appeal to Sirius Radio to make appropriate efforts to support access to Sirius Radio on the media server software Roon, offered by Roon Labs ( I ask that whoever receives this to please pass it up the chain of command at Sirius to treat this request seriously.
I’ve been a long-time listener and actively use your software and hardware daily both in my car and at home. I am also an avid listener of music using several different digital sources. I was disappointed to lose my access to Sirius radio on Logitech devices and have now switched to the relatively new Roon music server software. Roon features access to TIDAL as well as radio channels and, based on the discussions on their forum, has considerable interest adding access to Sirius Radio. The specific topic on this discussion has both users and forum moderators /system designers referencing the desire to add Sirius. Please see Sirius integration as well as several other references on the Roon forum.
Clearly the competitive landscape of digital audio access is an intense environment with many alternatives. Many of us have been dedicated and loyal users of Sirius Radio but access through the many digital access alternatives is the hook that will keep us that way. We all hope you will take this request into consideration and work with the folks at Roon to make this association a reality. As noted on their forum, the Roon designers have reached out to you. I hope you recognize that the users of both Roon and Sirius strongly support these efforts.
Thank you,
James Daras


I don’t think Sirius/XM is doing very well, you would think they would be more than happy to allow integration to their paid streaming service from as many systems as possible.


At least I have an acknolegement.
" Thank you for your email. We have reviewed your feedback regarding your media server software to support access to SiriusXM Radio and will share it with the appropriate team at SiriusXM."

Will keep all posted if I hear more.

Forgot how to spell too!

Guess I’ve waited long enough. They never replied after the acknowledgement.

I sent several messages over the years related to the loss of SiriusXM on LMS/Squeezeboxes and asking for them to work with logitech or work with “ickstream” (that works with squeezeboxes). Always got a generic response that was essentially meaningless.