Skipping or clipping

Recommend you get your Core plugged into your router via ethernet cable. Even if temporarily to test if it fixes the issue. What you describe is a clear indication that the Wifi network is not keeping up with the demands of Roon.

No, there is something wrong with your ISP, who does not take care of their DNS infrastructure. For some reason Roon/Tidal is particularly sensitive to these WAN/LAN issues. If you take care of them, you will find that everything works very well.

Why would I only have the skipping issue when using Roon and not when using the Lumin music app? And I did have the issue when the mac book was plugged into the network with or without an ethernet cable.

same issue when using the ethernet cable unfortunately

ah, sorry I missed that.
Have you looked through the logs? You’ll need to grab them right after a skip:

If you’re not comfortable looking through the logs tag support and they will advise on how to upload. What you’re describing is classic network issue. Changing DNS has helped a lot of people so it is worth a try. You can statically set DNS on your Mac (core) if you don’t want to change it in the router. System Preferences → Network (select adapter, probably “Ethernet”) → Advanced → DNS. Then +. Then enter Click “Apply” Reboot the Mac, verify the static entry is still there, and see if that helps. Leave the Core on hardwired ethernet.

BTW, things do change. Especially Wifi. You don’t know what your neighbors are doing with their networks and that has an impact on everyone’s wireless within range. Troubleshooting is about elimination of potentials until you find the fix. Going wired, adjusting DNS, etc. are all parts of eliminating a potential problem even if it appears “nothing has changed”.

Were you able to give this a try? Would definitely be interested to know if this occurs in this configuration.

I’d also be interested to know if (as a test) you lowered the streaming quality of TIDAL to the lowest setting in Settings > Services resulted in the same behavior. Can you give that a try? If you see this behavior occur again when doing this, please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service).


Quick read may help fill you in on DNS servers and the difference in performance, speed, privacy, and security. There are several pages out there about it…

No one should have to mess with DNS to get Tidal or Qobuz in Roon working. If Tidal works fine in other apps then the issue is Roons routing of it and that needs to be investigated and sorted. Changing DNS to these other services can cause more issues than it solves for other things. If your unlucky to have a poor ISP then it can help but if Tidal works already in native app or other apps such as Lumin with it then Roons the issue not your ISP or DNS.



Disagree. I’ve never seen anyone gets a new problem by changing DNS to as long as they do not reside in a place where Google access is blocked.

Even Tidal support told some users to change DNS.

I’m not saying the OP’s problem is caused by DNS, far from it. When someone has a problem without a clear solution, everything need to be tried in the most promising order. Changing to Ethernet is the most likely solution, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem in this case.

That something works with Lumin app does not imply the DNS is not faulty. I experienced years of supporting users with DNS faults that there is now special handling in Lumin.

Well using Googles and Cloudflare was a lot worse for me. I had switched on recommendation not that it solved the issues as it was Roons cloudservers in the end. I noticed a performance drop when using them and switching back all internet connected apps and browsers loaded content quicker obviously not routing to the best local CDNs via the others. Doing comparison tests for speed shows both Google and Cloudflare being very slow for me as wel for resolution compared to my ISP in the UK. Whilst my ISP does have its fair share of issues DNS isn’t one of them.

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Switching to Cloudflare’s DNS solved essentially all of our internet problems (which is over the cell phone network), including the Tidal skipping issue, and speeded up loading websites considerably.

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Hi Dylan, as a comparison, I have been streaming to the Sonos products, no issues so far. I also did figure out how to change the DNS to so I will check back after trying that for a while too. Still, I think Roon would want to acknowledge this unique issue and issue a more formal DNS instruction type bulletin. This still seems so odd to me since the issue is isolated to Roon with Tidal and not Tidal played through Lumin. Seems like too much “work” to go through so hopefully the issue can be better understood by Roon. thanks again.

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Hi Gerard,

Can confirm same problem is happening to me. I posted separately about it. Roon skipping last few seconds on song. Mytek Brooklyn and Core are both on ethernet wire in the same room as the router so don’t think it can be the wifi.

It is a 4G router but it never did this before a recent update.


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Hi Dylan, is there any official acknowledgement from Roon around the impact 1.8 has had upon skipping and disconnecting from Tidal? Changing the DNS to has seemed to help, but yesterday I hooked up an ethernet cable and I was experiencing the loss of the Tidal connection. I have also been using Roon less and using the Lumin app more for better stability so I may not be seeing all the on-going issues. I have to say I really love the Roon features and experience when it is reliable but this is getting silly. It looks like Roon asks all of us to try so many workarounds, but is Roon really digging in to understand exactly what impact 1.8 had when playing Tidal through Roon? Maybe Roon is owning this and I just don’t see it, but it feels like these problems are put back on the users and not the Roon software.

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Hi @gerard_bodell

Thanks for following up! To clarify, this isn’t something that we are seeing as a widespread issue — For the vast majority of our customers, 1.8 did not have any effect on their ability to play TIDAL content. I don’t say this to discount your report or to imply that there isn’t an issue here. It does mean, though, that we need to understand what about the setups that do have issues different.

Now that you’re using Google DNS, I’d like to take a look at a diagnostics report from new instances of this occurring. Can you provide a couple of examples, noting the time the skips happen as well as the track that was playing? We’ll enable diagnostics and take a look.


I have been having issues myself that I’ve never had. While using Roon and Tidal through the Lumin d2 I am getting a serious skipping problem at times making listening impossible. Very frustrating to say the least my connection is through ethernet. When I use the Lumin app without Roon skipping problems disappear. I am not tech savvy so I’m on the verge of getting rid of Roon . I was quite happy to see that many others were having the same issue.

Hi Dan, unfortunately Dylan thinks it is isolated. I hope others keep speaking up too. I’m going to contact LUMIN too, maybe they will help Roon because I do like Roon software and hate to have to leave it too.

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Isn’t it rather amazing that an issue that has been reported by I estimate at least 50 users in different threads here on the community forum over the past weeks, is considered “not widespread”? And the thing is also that the skipping is not only happening to Tidal users. It is also happening to Qobuz users, to subscribers who listen to their own library, to users with hardwired connections, users who have turned DSP off, users who regularly reboot their core, users who play to system output, etc.

A search for topics about “tracks skipping” (in the title) posted since March 15 returns a list of 20 threads: Search results for 'skipping tracks after:2021-03-15 in:title' - Roon Labs Community
And it are of course not only the original posters who experience the issue, but also the many subscribers who responded to them and confirmed the problem.

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I don’t think that 50 (or 20) users is at all widespread in the context of 200,000 plus users. Also, it is often difficult or impossible to distinguish between association and causality.

That said, I hope you get your quirks fixed. Roon will help you troubleshoot your individual problem as much as you allow them to help.

I am sure all those subscribers with “individual problems” are perfectly willing to allow Roon to help. We are just waiting for that to happen.

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