Skipping tracks from Qobuz

Core Machine / network / audio devices

Roon ROC (1.8 build 790) on a NUC8i3BEH (connected to) Silent Angel Bonn N8 ethernet switch (connected to) Lumïn D2 streamer (Roon endpoint) with a Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKI power supply. The switch is hardwired connected to a Xyzel T50 router. I have a 100 Mbps internet connection glas, my provider is T-Mobile. I mainly listen to Qobus. And I use no DSP settings on Roon.

Description of issue

Since a few days, when steaming from Qobuz in Roon, sometimes one or more track are skipped. It seems as if the track could no be found. Sometimes a message is given: track currently not available. After one or two minutes the playback starts again. Between 1 and 4 tracks are usually skipped. This occurs at least once in an hour. It makes no difference whether you listen to an album, a playlist or using Roon Radio.

Listening to radio in Roon however goes well, no problems occur.
I have the possibility to listen to Qobuz directly with my Lumïn streamer. In that case no problems occur.
I use this internet connection also for Netflix, Youtube, etc. and that functions well.

The actions I have already done:

  • restarting the NUC with the Roon core
  • resetting / restart the switch
  • resetting / restart the router
  • replacing the switch with another switch
  • connecting the NUC directly to the router
    Sometimes it seems as if there is an improvement. But the problem comes back after half an hour or more.

What could be problem? And what can be done to resolve it? Thanks for you response!

Additional remarks:

  • Login out Qobuz in Roon and login in again does not solve the problem
  • Using another Roon endpoint (iMac) gives the same problems

Hi @Gerard_Geuke

Can you provide some examples of skips? Please include the time that the skip occurs and the name of the track for a few examples and we’ll enable diagnostics and take a look.


Hi @Dylan, thank you for your response. I will give you some examples tomorrow. Personally I don’t think it has something to do with the tracks. The skipping occurs randomly after 15 minutes or half an hour. But, it’s good to investigate this possibility.

Hi @dylan, below 3 examples of skipping tracks in Qobuz:
20-5 08:11 CET album The Traveller’s Tale: The Brass Project Live (John Warren) track 5 t/m 8 skipped
20-5 10:09 CET album Jon (Marc Copland) track 1 “Timeless” skipped
20-5 10:59 CET album Foursight (Ron Carter) track 6 “Mr. Bow Tie (Reprise)” skipped
I noticed that the same problem occurs when streaming from Tidal. However, in Tidal a track does not skip, it results (sometimes) in a big time lap before the track starts to play.
Is this enough for you for further investigations?
By the way, I updated the core with build 795 this morning, but this did not solve the problem. It makes no difference :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @Gerard_Geuke

I took a look at the examples you provided, and it looks like your connection to Qobuz is timing out in all of these examples, which points to a networking issue.

One thing that might help is to try using Google DNS — We’ve seen that improve performance.

Hi @dylan, thanks for your response. Changing to Google DNS might work, I saw this suggestion also in other discussions. However, last week I contacted my audio dealer. He suggested a check up of my Roon server and an update of the bios. The check up showed that my Roon core system was okay, no errors were found. The bios however was updated from version 0078 (march 2020) to 0088 (march 2021). For now, the problem seems solved. I used Roon the last 2 evenings, with a playback time on each evening of more that 4 hours. No skips at all! The system responds very fast again. If it stays that way in the coming days, I presume that the problem is fixed.

Is it known that an old version of the bios in the NUC can cause network problems? Have you ever heard this before? Could it be that with an serious upgrade of Roon (f.e. from V1.7 to V1.8) an update of the bios is all necessary?