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Description Of Issue

My Roon is updated to the latest version. However, I still experience track skipping occasionally. I use a PC as my Core which has Intel iCore 7 CPU, 32 GB RAM and Window 10 - 64 bit. My player is Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. I am playing music over WIFI. Any reason why I am experiencing track skipping?

Hi @Herman_Tse,

Can you describe your networking setup? What router is in use? How is your Core connected?

What kind of content is skipping? Local content? TIDAL/Qobuz? Is it every track you try to play or only certain ones? Do the same tracks always skip?

Do you receive any error messages?

I use Netgear Orbi RK50 mesh wifi. My PC, the Core, is connected to the router directly with wire.

The skipping happens when I am streaming TIDAL via Roon. It is usually just a single track and is random. Sometimes I have an error message saying “TIDAL is loading slowly”.

I noticed some skipping tonight. It happens regularly for me when Windows has an update and wants to install it and restart. It goes back to normal after the update process.

Hi @Herman_Tse,

You never experience these skips with local content?

If you reboot your Core machine is there any change?

I have not experienced these skips with local content. Have not tried rebooting the machine. However, skipping tracks happens occasionally, i.e. I do turn on and off my Core machine regularly.

Hi @Herman_Tse,

Since these skips don’t happen with local content, you might want to try using Google DNS. We’ve seen this help with TIDAL playback issues in the past and is definitely worth trying out.

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