Slight synchronisation issue between AV processor and remaining endpoints

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC v10, 512 MB RAM, i7 processor

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired ethernet setup at 1 Gbps on a single switch

Connected Audio Devices

Arcam AV41 - Ethernet
Roon on Mac Pro
BlueSound Powernodes (x3) - Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

56,665 tracks

Description of Issue

I have recently added an Arcam AV41 with Dirac Live and Dirac Live Bass Control to my Roon setup. I have noticed a slight synchronisation miss between the AV41 and the remainder of my Roon endpoints that doesn’t exist for my other usual DAC / Renderer (MSB Premier DAC with network renderer).

I predict that the Dirac processing is putting a slight delay on the AV41 zone, but I thought that the Roon certification process should have shaken this down and put in place the right delays for this to not be an issue. It’s frustrating as I frequently run multiple zones in the home on the same content (as a group) simultaneously.

Any advice on troubleshooting or what I could add as a delay in the Roon config would be appreciated.

Does anyone at Roon actually do anything with these support queries or do you just hope someone will crowdsource the solution for you?

Hi @Craig_Joyce,

Thank you for the report and for your patience as the team worked through the queue.

To help pinpoint the issue, can you please clarify the following?

  1. Are you playing back stereo or multichannel content? If multichannel, is there any DSP built into the sub you’re using, and is it engaged?
  2. There’s evidence in diagnostic logging that the Arcam AV41 is syncing to the digital clock of another Arcam AV40 processor in your setup. If this other unit doesn’t have any DSP engaged, then the AV41 may not have an predelay to allow for DSP and bass adjustment.

Logs show the AV41 adjusting playback start offset considerably anytime you have the second processor online and detected by Roon. This forces an ASAP start when playback is engaged to the AV41.

The most likely culprit here is a competing input for clock source somewhere or a minimum delay setting in the AV40, AV41, or Dirac. Some AV41 users recommend a speaker delay of 12ms. Are you able to share any delay or clock settings you have for that device?

Similarly, can you please post a screenshot of the Device Setup page for the AV41 in Roon? We’ll take a look and compare to the most recent logs and proceed from there.

Thank you again for your patience.

Hi Connor,

1: No this is in 2 channel mode only
2: There was only one AV41 processor (well, the AV41 is just an AV40 with the new HDMI board) in the system (or my home) at the time of testing.

I’m afraid this unit is no longer in my possession so I am unable to test anything further now.

Hi @Craig_Joyce,

Understood, thank you for clarifying. Was there a Dirac audio device available in Roon → Settings → Audio? Dirac will function best as its own Zone, and should be visible as a Zone option (similar to a soundcard) in audio outputs.

In any case, the tech support team is here to assist further as needed.

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