Slow identification Meridian 218

Recently bought the Meridian 218. It plays Roon swell. The problem is that it takes minutes (!!) before Roon has identified its existence. Strange because it immediately recognises all other all other zones in my network (e.g. a B&W Zeppelin, a Marantz Consolette, a Meridian Explorer). How come?
Any suggestions?

My first thoughts are that something is filtering multicast packets that are used for device discovery.

Could you describe your Roon setup and how the devices are connected to your LAN?

I’m running ROCK with a 218 without such problems. It was the same with a Windows 10 full Roon installation previously.

I play Roon from a Macbook Pro, which is connected to my network through hardwire. Just like the other components in the network. It totals to an odd 20 or so throughout my house ( a bungalow). Therefore I use some switches to get all my RJ45 s connected.
I don’t run ROCK on my 218. Is there any advantage in doing that? Except from Tidal I stream music from a NAS , a Synology 214play.
The 218 is connected to my Arcam AVR with analogue plugs. The Arcam amplifies a homecinema set of 6 speakers (Piega FS, Mordaunt Short sub and Elac BS)

My music is also on a NAS (Vortexbox). I now run ROCK just to avoid having an extra laptop around that I didn’t use for anything else. I’ve no experience with Mac. However, I did have the 218 fed by a Windows 10 laptop and connected to an Arcam AVR550 via analogue. There were no problems or delays in Roon seeing it.

Hopefully your 218 has the current firmware just in case.

Thanks Paul. Further invesigation brings question on a filter in my netork, just like Carl suggested. No idea yet how to get of that…

I connected the Meridian directly to the incoming modem/router. This caused an essential difference in the detection speed. Almost as fast as the other components.

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