Slow internet speeds when using ARC with NYC Mesh - Looking for alternative setup (ref#SGNDBB)

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I'm using NYC Mesh for my ISP, which is a mesh network that connects many buildings here in Brooklyn and NYC. In order for ARC to work, they assigned a public IP and also we have 2 NAT rules setup. The issue is that when these NAT rules are enabled, ARC works, but my internet DL speeds go from >100 to around 5. I'm no expert, but what I'm curious about is, maybe there is another way to enable ARC without these NAT rules, so I don't have to login and enable/disable every time I want to use ARC when I leave the house...

Hi @Dave_Sandifer ,

What do you mean that the speed changes from 100 to 5? How is this being measured? What kind of NAT rules are you changing to make ARC work?

Hello Noris,

I measure the change in DL speeds using SpeedTest.Net
Please see attached screenshot showing the rules they implemented to get ARC to work for me.



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Hi @Dave_Sandifer,

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the delayed response.

I believe NYC Mesh uses Unifi to manage their nodes - I’d ask them if the have any bandwidth throttling or QoS rules in place for your account.

ARC isn’t designed to function on a highly managed, multiple-NAT network, so these situations often require granular inspection and back-and-forth between the ISP, account holder, and Roon support. We’ll do our best to assist here. However, you might also consider an unsanctioned solution in Tinkering like TailScale as a workaround in the meantime.

Wow Tailscale was ridiculously easy. Thanks for that recommendation!

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