Slow loading content - There was a problem with your search

Roon Core Machine

2 servers having the same issue: Grimm MU1 and Taiko Audio Extreme

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Standard Ziggo Router with speed check indicating top speeds exceeding my subscription both uploading and downloading. No VPN. Have already restarted the router, to no avail. Everything else online works well.

Connected Audio Devices

CH Precision C1 DAC via AES/EBU (Grimm) or USB (Taiko) as endpoint
Current spec Win11 PC as control and endpoint
iPad Pro 11 or Samsung Tab S8 Plus as control

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Since a few days, a search often results in the error message “There was a problem with your search”. Real-time suggestions do not load underneath the search term.

Also, Roon is currently extremely slow getting metadata in general, filling album covers and data when searching for an artist, and starting playback for Qobuz.

Even loading content that I have stored locally, takes 10 seconds to load:

After hitting play, I see a “Knight Rider” kind of back and forth moving but stagnating progress bar and the track starts after maybe 20 seconds and more often not at all.

The below screen is displayed for 12 seconds before the contents populate:

Typical error:

Sometimes, I get a different error:

Try if its possible to use a better router and put the Ziggo in bridge mode. Try to avoid wifi to the endpoints. I had a standard Kpn router with the same issue

Thanks for the hint, Fietser, will keep that in mind if all else fails.

The endpoints are wired directly, only the tablets are on wifi.

These issues are new and recent (just started yesterday) and since all other network functionality works perfectly, I fear that it is an external issue.

Incidentally, prior to the white Ziggo (Arris Connectbox) router that I have now used for 2 months, I used an older standard Ziggo router by Cisco and that also worked perfectly ever since Sooloos and the Roon beta days. Hence, I see no need to upgrade the router.

Ugh, turns out I caused this issue myself… Starting a couple of days ago (hint), I experimented with a TP-Link Nano Router for which I reserved the same IP address in the router as for the wired connection. While that seemed to work fine and allowed me to do quick A B tests while the IP address conveniently remained the same, apparently, this also caused the slow loading issues. I removed the TP-Link Nano’s reserved IP address and, hey, presto! All is good again. Sorry, Roon!


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