Slow performance since 1.6

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I responded in @stevev1’s thread and wanted to make sure you saw here as well:

Hi Dylan,

Slow performance test results

Results based on Steps

Time: 7.30 am (GMT)

  1. Run a speed test here and report your results in your response 15
     Upload Speed: 559.00 Kb/s
     Download Speed: 6.92 Mb/s

  2. Open Overview page.
     1 Minute to Open

  3. Open Discover page.
     2 Minutes to Open

  4. Perform a search for “The Beatles”
     21/2 Minutes before Beatles was displayed in Search

  5. Open “The Beatles” artist page.
     3 Minutes to Open the Beatles ‘Artist Page’ + 2 Minutes to Load Qobuz Albums in the profile page (5 Minutes Total)

  6. Open the “Help!” album page.
     2 Minutes to Open Help Album Page

  7. Start playback of “Help!” (how long does it take before it plays?).
     2 Minutes to Playback Starts

  8. Search for “Daft Punk”.
     2 Minutes to Search for Daft Punk

  9. Open the “Daft Punk” artist page.
     1 Minute to Open Artist Page

  10. Open the “Random Access Memories” album page.
     1 Minute to open Album page

  11. Start playback of “Random Access Memories”.
     1.5 Minutes to play (Qobuz version)


(1) Full ‘Round Trip’ for the Beatles from Search to Play for ‘Help’ was 11.5 minutes !!! (We have a problem)

(2) Ran the Speed test again at 10.10 am (GMT) as ROON speed was back to normal (quite snappy) and the results were as follows
 Upload: 635.00 kb/s
 Download: 4.93 mb/s

This 2nd test has highlighted that my download speed is significantly lower (4.93 mb/s compared to 6.92 mb/s) but speed of ROON has changed from slow / unusable to normal and quite responsive!!!

(3) Please could check your performance logs for these times - 7.30am GMT on 17/04/2019 and 10.10am on 17/04/2019 to see what difference is occurring with your infrastructure and/ or applications.

Additional Nucleus Issue

Also suffering from the same issue of ‘Chromecast Issue Frozen in Time’ for ROCK 1.6 and a Chromecast Ultra. No matter the amount of restarts with Google Home this issue does not get resolved.

Many thanks


Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

Thanks for the detailed info here, much appreciated! Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

In the meantime, I was hoping to gather just a little more info here for the team’s report.

Can you confirm the total number of tracks in your library, including both local and Qobuz content? You can find this on the Overview screen.

You mentioned that you’re using your iPad as a remote device. I assume the answer to this is “yes”, but just to confirm, do you experience this same behavior when using other remote devices?

Is your Chromecast connected to the network via Ethernet or WiFi?

How often do you see this behavior occur?

Albums - 10431 (circa 10 Qobuz, all other’s Local)

Remotes - iPad Pro 12.9, Samsung Note Pro 2 12.9, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 7 (All Slow - IOS and Android)

Chromecast Ultra - Ethernet Connection

95% of the time its Frozen in time. I have only ever seen it work correctly once but can never replicate. Nice feature, but not working as there is no syncing between track movement and display data is stale

Getting this resolved is quite key since ROON Radio has been upgraded and we can experience unique and powerful user experiences such as

Harmony Control > ROON RADIO > QOBUZ & / or TIDAL + Own Library > Chromecast Display

Note: All Infrastructure is Ethernet apart from Remotes which are through wifi

Thanks for the info here, @Mark_Goodwin. Passing this along to the team for their investigation. I’ll be sure to update you ASAP when I have further feedback from the team on this.

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I wanted to reach out because we’ve just released Roon 1.6 (Build 416). This update includes a fix for some performance problems we believe may be causing some users to experience slowness in Roon. Please give Roon an update and let us know if things have improved for you.

You can read the full release notes here:

Hi @dylan,

Just installed the new version on my Linux x64 server, but unfortunatelly the Tidal related slownes is still present. If I have Tidal disabled and go to any artist and from there to see the list of albums it loads all of them super quick.
With tidal enabled it takes up to 10 seconds to show the albums.
I think it would be better if you show the local content immediatelly and load the tidal content on the fly instead of merging it all before showing the resúts.

No such slowness exists in the native tidal app.
Roon client is running on iPhone 8 plus.

Hi Dylan

I have updated to build 416 and provide initial feedback based on 2 days but please note that more testing time will be required as typically after a core restart the system was quite fast for the first couple of days.


Tested on iOS and Android

  • Search for Artist is much faster

  • Search for Track is still slow and sometimes laboured (Slow response time). This happens when there are multiple versions of the same song in both internal library and Qobuz

  • No presentation issues as loading of covers and artwork is working correctly

  • Chromecast has not shown any instances of being stuck in time yet, however did notice for some songs lyrics were available but were not being presented (minor issue)

  • No Slow Playback of Tracks when selected – greatly improved

  • Major improvement of ‘Transferring Track’ to another zone. Prior to build 416 Nuclus+ was having serious issues.

  • Discover is much faster

  • Artist Images & Tags don’t seem to be removed on rescan (will be monitoring this and report back if issue present)

Open Issues

Due to Tag’s in Focus Search providing inaccurate results I have had to op to create ‘custom sub-genres’ as meta-data tags to tag at ‘Artists’ and ‘Albums’ level. However when I edit and assign the Parent some custom sub-genre tags do not appear later when I looking to Tag? This now creates a data management issue as I am tagging by memory and if human error occurs, I have just created a new sub-genre.

Overall build 416 seems to have addressed a number of performance issues, well done Roon development and engineering

Hope that helps


Yes it is a shame that results from local library cannot be shown immediately instead of having to wait for Tidal results. Especially when the track is in the local library.
It is not slow every time searches is slow.

The most recent example took more then a minute:
04/27 09:35:10 Trace: [library] computing search results for ‘only you’ for profile 63:1:339f1328-5a4c-4d3b-89c0-dc7ce560037e returning up to 50 results per list
04/27 09:35:10 Debug: [library] search finished in 418ms
04/27 09:35:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of performers took 584ms
04/27 09:35:11 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of works took 860ms
04/27 09:35:12 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of tracks took 1951ms
04/27 09:35:43 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of composers took 32735ms
04/27 09:36:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] backend search of albums took 60419ms
04/27 09:36:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] ComputeTopResult took 44ms
04/27 09:36:10 Debug: [music/search/performance] end-to-end search took 60464ms

Unfortunately the slow search is not reproachable. Even after restarting core the same search is displayed almost immediately.

Hi Dylan,

Reporting back…stable for 14 days with some slight to moderate slowless

However starting on the 10/05/2019 - Chromecast Ultra’s has got stuck in time again. Restarted, Unplugged, Stopped and Started Casting via Google Home App. Nothing is resolving this issue. It worked Flawless since the last update then it has suddenly stopped working. Roon core restarted and still no effect.

Please could you feedback steps to resolve this as it is an ongoing problem

Many thanks



Experiencing an ongoing issue with Nucleus + and Chromecast Ultra’s

ROON display was previously frozen in time till the last 1.6 release, then I had circa 14 days of no issues and a fantastic user experience. Then suddenly on the 10/05/2019 - Frozen in time with no troubleshooting actions resolving this issue. To troubleshoot the following steps were taken - Reboot Each Device via unplugging power, restart via Google Home, restart of Nucleus core… nothing is working!!!

Any insight into what changes could be causing these issues with ROCK (i.e changes to the SDK, Cast Application Framework, etc)

Many thanks


Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I’m happy to hear that things are working better for you now!

Regarding the Chromecast issue, I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account and will pass the diagnostics report over to the team. Do you know about what time on the 10th that you experienced this issue and what track was playing?


I used to get that problem with the introduction of 1.6. Only happened on ROCK, never under WIN10.

Restarting Roon usually fixed it.

Eventually, I came to believe that backing up and restoring the Roon library solved it, but dunno.

Hi Dylan,

Sorry I don’t recall what track and time that I noticed the issue was circa 8 pm GMT

Please check back logs to the 9th as this is likely when the issue first arose but I did not take much notice at the time as I thought that it would be a quick reboot on the Friday and all would be good.

What I am seeing which is a slightly different issue than before. The Roon cast displays the images and the time bar at the bottom which is stuck. However when the track is skipped in the case of a loaded playlist, nothing refreshes and every thing is stale (First Images and Frozen time bar - Never Changes). However, when it was frozen before the images would sync to the song and change but the time bar would be frozen.

Hope that helps with troubleshooting


I’ve also seen that when an image becomes ‘unstuck’ the lyrics go rolling past super fast and then never sync up again.

Interesting observation, is that only with ROCK? I have not seen that issue on my end yet, but Chromecast does need to be stabilized across all platforms

Yes, I stopped using ROCK awhile ago, mainly for problems like this. I run Core under WIN10, without any problems at all.

You can try backing up (using Roon’s backup feature) the Roon library and then restoring, if you like experimenting. Or not.:slightly_smiling_face:


I have had no further feedback on when this issue will be resolved or if its in the Backlog?

Following Slim_Fishguttz suggestion, the last backup was reinstalled and it has highlighted the following

(1) It took an hour to reinstate the backup to resolve this issue. This is not a feasible approach moving forwards as this is a bug?
(2) Sound Quality has improved - Clearer and Less Congested / Thickness as some other members have also noted. This is a problem when RAAT is being compared to UPNP an other protocols and people are complaining of quality / SQ changes?
(3) Artist Images Changed - discrepancy between backup of 6 hours and what whats shown in the Artist Screen prior to selecting to re-instate the last backup - there is a lack of parity!

So overall Slim_Fishguttz hypothesis with ROCK and Chromecast Issues being temporary resolved through reinstalling the Backup is correct and needs to be addressed by Development.

I look forward to your response on when this known issue and how it will be addressed

Many thanks


I need to restart rock daily to have any displays work (chromecast or web controller). Once I do they work for a while. After they just freeze up.

You have a performance issue that support should fix. You should NOT have to restart ROCK to basically work. If you do, something is broken and it’s likely a networking issue.
The slow search is a pain for a lot of people, but what you describe is very different IMO.
I’d recommend you open a thread under Support:

They will really need to know how your ROCK system is wired to fix the issue.