Slow performance since 1.6

(Mark Goodwin) #1

Just switched from ST i7 to Nucleus+ for 1.6 as the ST died!

As others have mentioned, ROON becomes very slow under the following situations

  • Search (can take up to a minute to search and retrieve results, this was not the case with 1.5 or 1.4)

  • Sometime Albums don’t load in the Artists profile page (App has to be closed down then re-opened – sometimes works other times not?)

  • When doing allot of tagging and edits (writes to the db), Roons refresh rates starts to slow down dramatically and writes take much longer to complete.

  • Sometimes on track selection it just pauses, seems frozen and takes up to 1 minute for the track to play?

Overall ROON is a gorgeous and sometimes very painful experience with slowness occurring at any time. It was never like this with earlier release and I am also using Roon dedicated hardware.

The only solution I have found that resolves the speed issue is to log in and restart roon core, it then takes 30 min with all cores running to rescan files. After files have been rescanned ROON then works in the manner it should (fast).


Nucleus+, USB External Hardrive (10000+ Albums), Qobuz, 7 Endpoints, DSP – Up sample PCM to DXD, iPad Pro, Hardwired Ethernet, Broadband download speed 40Mb/s

Slowness in Roon
(Dylan Caudill) #3

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I’ve moved your report over to it’s own thread so our team can take a closer look at what you’re experiencing.

So we can better assist you, please pdescribe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

The next time that you’re in this state where things seem slow, I was hoping you could perform the following test. Please make a note of the time that you start the test and how long each step takes:

  1. Run a speed test here and report your results in your response
  2. Open Overview page.
  3. Open Discover page.
  4. Perform a search for “The Beatles”.
  5. Open “The Beatles” artist page.
  6. Open the “Help!” album page.
  7. Start playback of “Help!” (how long does it take before it plays?).
  8. Search for “Daft Punk”.
  9. Open the “Daft Punk” artist page.
  10. Open the “Random Access Memories” album page.
  11. Start playback of “Random Access Memories”.

Respond here with the times for each and the time that you started (and your timezone). I’ll pass these results along to the team to aid in their investigation.

(fernand lambert) #4

what do you think is a likely upload, download speed, network latency and jitter?

(Mark Goodwin) #5

Since 1.5 the software feels heavy and slugish. Issues seem more related to internal and external Api’s having queuing and other related issues but cannot confirm. Rending responses to the presentation layer as well as to transport, seems less than optimised.

On a happy note it’s not Jitter as Roon (RAAT) has never sounded better, plus no dropouts and it has been Rock solid on performance.

Love the features and the product but using roon has now has become somewhat frustrating and this is impacting a previous positive user experience.

(Mark Goodwin) #6

Hi Dylan,

Sorry for the delay in getting back with results.

I want to report back that I tried to run the tests last night but everything kept spooling and nothing was loading for up to 3+ minutes why delayed my testing.

Main screen blank, playlists were blank with a small gray box in the middle of the screen, etc. Spooling for minutes, then an album screen was accessible. Selected track to play on one end point – slow to play then needed to transfer to another zone. System froze for 5 minutes before the tracked played!

Got frustrated, unplugged router to let it reboot and after everything was fast (ipad, pc, laptops, etc.) except the Nucleus+, still slow and labouring in playback, search, presentation and selection!

Further frustration led to the core being restarted and USB hardrive being scanned for 30 minutes and post scan I have a ‘super responsive’ and ‘very snappy machine’ that is serving up ROON how it should do (fast and responsive with roon radio and upsampling)

This morning I did some editing of tags and adding pictures and Roon was fast, however after 45 minutes use it’s speed of response is starting to drop and its starting to slow down (very noticeable).

My questions to ROON development, Product / Engineering is why under the condition of a ‘core restart’ do I get

  • A ‘super responsive’ and ‘very snappy machine’ that allows roon to be fast and responsive

However under standard use post core restart – it slows down dramatically and becomes unusable when more listening, database writes, searches are run and zone transfers occur?

There is also has another knock-on effect for a greater volume of data admin due to Roon rescans, Artist images are removed (should not happen – both manually input and system generated) and reclassification of artists. Any guidance in settings to stop this happening would be gratefully appreciated

Many thanks


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(Dylan Caudill) #8

Hi @Mark_Goodwin — Thanks for the info here!

Do you experience this type of behavior on all remote devices? When one remote is going slow, are the others also performing slowly?

I think the next step here is to enable some diagnostics on your account so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here.

However, before I enable this feature, I’d like to ask for your help ensuring we gather the right information.

The next time you Nucleus is in this state where things are slow, try to start playback of an album and make note of the time that you click play Then respond here with that time, your timezone, the album name and artist, and how long it starts to play back. I’ll make sure we review the diagnostics related to that timestamp.

(Mark Goodwin) #9

Hi Dlyan,

In response to your question, all remotes are slow

I have noticed recently that when I instructed ROON Radio only to use internal files the sluggishness improved somewhat and the system became more response. However not super fast like when the core is restarted

The transport issue is however baffling as the system freezes, becomes unresponsive but does not crash then plays a track circa 2 minutes later

Will report back with the track details and my time zone for review

In the meantime, please could you provide guidance in what settings to stop Artist Images being removed when rescans occur or even when editing

Many thanks



The artist pictures being removed/ changed might be related to this bug I reported about a month ago with no answer yet @dylan

(Mark Goodwin) #11

Thanks Stevev1 for reporting. This issue has been around a while as I experienced it in 1.5. It become very problematic when you are grooming your genre and artist images then it all gets stripped out!!

(Dylan Caudill) #12

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I responded in @stevev1’s thread and wanted to make sure you saw here as well:

(Mark Goodwin) #13

Hi Dylan,

Slow performance test results

Results based on Steps

Time: 7.30 am (GMT)

  1. Run a speed test here and report your results in your response 15
     Upload Speed: 559.00 Kb/s
     Download Speed: 6.92 Mb/s

  2. Open Overview page.
     1 Minute to Open

  3. Open Discover page.
     2 Minutes to Open

  4. Perform a search for “The Beatles”
     21/2 Minutes before Beatles was displayed in Search

  5. Open “The Beatles” artist page.
     3 Minutes to Open the Beatles ‘Artist Page’ + 2 Minutes to Load Qobuz Albums in the profile page (5 Minutes Total)

  6. Open the “Help!” album page.
     2 Minutes to Open Help Album Page

  7. Start playback of “Help!” (how long does it take before it plays?).
     2 Minutes to Playback Starts

  8. Search for “Daft Punk”.
     2 Minutes to Search for Daft Punk

  9. Open the “Daft Punk” artist page.
     1 Minute to Open Artist Page

  10. Open the “Random Access Memories” album page.
     1 Minute to open Album page

  11. Start playback of “Random Access Memories”.
     1.5 Minutes to play (Qobuz version)


(1) Full ‘Round Trip’ for the Beatles from Search to Play for ‘Help’ was 11.5 minutes !!! (We have a problem)

(2) Ran the Speed test again at 10.10 am (GMT) as ROON speed was back to normal (quite snappy) and the results were as follows
 Upload: 635.00 kb/s
 Download: 4.93 mb/s

This 2nd test has highlighted that my download speed is significantly lower (4.93 mb/s compared to 6.92 mb/s) but speed of ROON has changed from slow / unusable to normal and quite responsive!!!

(3) Please could check your performance logs for these times - 7.30am GMT on 17/04/2019 and 10.10am on 17/04/2019 to see what difference is occurring with your infrastructure and/ or applications.

Additional Nucleus Issue

Also suffering from the same issue of ‘Chromecast Issue Frozen in Time’ for ROCK 1.6 and a Chromecast Ultra. No matter the amount of restarts with Google Home this issue does not get resolved.

Many thanks


(Dylan Caudill) #14

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

Thanks for the detailed info here, much appreciated! Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

In the meantime, I was hoping to gather just a little more info here for the team’s report.

Can you confirm the total number of tracks in your library, including both local and Qobuz content? You can find this on the Overview screen.

You mentioned that you’re using your iPad as a remote device. I assume the answer to this is “yes”, but just to confirm, do you experience this same behavior when using other remote devices?

Is your Chromecast connected to the network via Ethernet or WiFi?

How often do you see this behavior occur?