Chromecast display frozen in 1.6

Sorry if there is a thread already (things moving very quickly last couple of days lol)

When i select a Chromecast as a display it starts and shows the correct track but it is frozen in time and never moves during the track and does not change as the tracks change.

Running rock on an i7 nuc.

I have frozen lyrics on a Windows laptop. Very hit and miss. Sometimes they move, sometimes they don’t.

@Tony_Casey they only move if they have Timing info present in the lyrics feed…the icon has a little clock and mic, verses just a mic.

@Derek_Wyman You seem to have a few issues in another post…maybe related or not.

Sounds similar to mine. A server reboot fixes it…for about one day.

@support -

Yes, I have the same problem. The only thing that fixes it, i.e. re-displays the Google screen, is to go to the Google app and stop casting.

Incredibly annoying now the Radio is much better, in that one wants to display what’s playing on Radio without having to refer to Remote.

Looking at the black box from the outside, this started with 1.6, so it’s probably related to the changes that were made so the Chromecast aspect ration was fixed. Ironically, that is much better, it’s just that now the display is locked up.

@Derek_Wyman, @John_V -

I have this problem when my core is on ROCK, but not when it’s on WIN10.

What OS are you using? If you are using ROCK, did you migrate the Roon library from WIN10?

This just started in 1.6. Unlike the following that also happens in 1.5 -

I think I rebooted Chromecast and that fixed the duplicate displaays. Read elsewhere that you change the display’s name to something different, then only the phantom copies will retain the first name, and you can delete them. Fairly recent so you could find it I imagine.

My Rock OS is v1, build 159, otherwise surrounded by Mac and IOS

Yeah, I posted that fix. It fixed the duplicate display problem, at least for me.

This frozen display problem is something different.

As in the duplicate display problem, it appears to be ROCK related.

Sorry, misread. Yeah, for me, the first track of the day displays then freezes. Rebooting server fixes for the day. Roon says its replicated the problem.

@support -

Just to consolidate this Cromecast freezing problem.

Display is OK under WIN10, only ROCK is effected. Don’t know about ROCK in v1.5, I seem to remember it being OK, WIN10 was.

Also, the link placed in a browser window has the same problem.

Today, I discovered that Settings->Setup-> Configure Roon OS Device doesn’t work in the Edge browser.

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