Slow response compared to Sooloos

two direct comparison, playing with the same MS600 output.

With Roon core and storage on a Windows 8.1 PC, high powered, and a Surface 3 Pro W8.1 as UI, response is sluggish: I hit play and it takes a little while, makes me aware of the multiple steps in the chain.

With core and store on an MD600 and the Sooloos iPad app, response is immediate, snappy. Feels like a device, not like a distributed network.

I find the same, I sometimes find I have hit play twice not thinking the first hit was recorded, also searching for an artist can be anything from immediate to 5 to 10 seconds, this is all on the server, Intel I7 quad core, NVidia graphics and 16gb of memory.


That’s a bit of a delay - is this expected behaviour?

How large is your library Bert and where is it stored?

Library around 20k albums and located on a USB 3.0 Icybox jbod for now soon to be Qnap NAS.


FWIW: I have a smallish (but carefully curated ;-)) collection of about 1.000 albums, running Core on a 2011 Mac mini SSD (2,3Ghz/8GB/SSD) with files on an external Thunderbolt HDD. Zones are an MS600, Explorer 2 @ Core and Airport Express.

All actions (including playing, switching tracks, focus, search) are immediate/instant, even when playing to the AEX. Only the overview screen takes a little while (2-3 secs) every now and then.

Except for the AEX, the entire network is wired. Every wireless system I have used prior to Sooloos (AEX, Squeezebox, Sonos, Raumfeld) was prone to hiccups though – especially when I sat down to listen. :slight_smile: