Slow search of artists

When I type an artist in the search it takes a long time before I see the artist. This seemed to be happening since the last update. It also keeps saying it’s a poor connection and I have a robust 300 mbps download speed over wi fi. My Roon nucleus gets close to 1000 gbps with a ethernet line in. Please help to resolve this. Thanks

This happens for some people since the update. Roon are working on it. There are quite many threads about it, e.g.,

This is a known bug

There is no way to step back to previous version
We have to wait, until roon will fix this problem

I disabled all local music and it was faster afterwards

Roon Tip until Search works, if ever

Put 1 album of any artist into your library (assuming Tidal or Qobuz)

Now when you want that artist. Use Artist view and Filter then go Discography