Slow searches when signed in to TIDAL

I am finding search slow when Tidal is enabled but, if I switch off Tidal and just use local library, search is fast. Typically, searches with Tidal enabled take somewhere from 15 to over 30 seconds. Searches with Tidal disabled take less than 2 seconds. I do not use Qobuz.

Core running on Mac Mini, late 2012, 2.5GHz i5, 16MbRAM, 256Gb SSD for OS and Roon Application, 3Tb USB3 external drive (not SSD) for music storage. Control using either MacBook Pro or iPad. Networking by CAT5 to Macbook Pro and to endpoints (1 x Raspberry Pi, 4 x BluSound Devices). 120K tracks, 8K albums, 95% local i.e. only small number of Tidal albums added to library. Broadband download speed 40Mb/s.

Have tested on 5 occasions over the past week by comparing search times with Tidal enabled and disabled. Getting consistent pattern (slow search with Tidal enabled). Most noticeable delay when searching with Tidal enabled was yesterday (Sunday) afternoon when searches typically took 30 seconds or longer.

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Hello @DuckSoup,

Thanks for the post here. We are investigating a few reports surrounding this issue and are asking users to run a test so that we can have a better baseline of factors surrounding this issue.

Can you please this test the next time you’re in this state and respond with the exact local time that you start the test (e.g. 11:38AM) and the time that each step takes:

  1. Run a speed test here and report your results in your response
  2. Open Overview page.
  3. Open Discover page.
  4. Perform a search for “The Beatles”.
  5. Open “The Beatles” artist page.
  6. Open the “Help!” album page.
  7. Start playback of “Help!” (how long does it take before it plays?).
  8. Search for “Daft Punk”.
  9. Open the “Daft Punk” artist page.
  10. Open the “Random Access Memories” album page.
  11. Start playback of “Random Access Memories”.


Hi Noris,

Test started at 17:13:00 local time (Somerset, UK).

  1. Speed test reported 35.3Mb/s Download and 8.85 Mb/s upload.
  2. <1s
  3. <1s
  4. 18s
  5. <1s
  6. 3s
  7. 5s
  8. 4s
  9. <1s
  10. 2s
  11. 2s



Hi @noris

Also noticed that if I do a search for something I looked for earlier today (about 2 hours ago) it is fairly fast (3 seconds) but if I search for something that I haven’t previously searched for today then it takes anywhere between 15s and 30s.

Presumably there’s some sort of caching going on?


Hi @DuckSoup,

Thank you for running that test.

Yes, this would be correct, I believe there is caching here as well.

Now that I have the timestamp, I have gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account and what this action will do is next time your Core is active, a set of logs will automatically be generated and uploaded to our servers for analysis. I will ask QA to review the diagnostics to see if there is a pattern with regards to the slow search.


Hi @noris

After doing the test I noticed that when I clicked on an album there was a noticeable delay in showing versions - took up to 15 seconds and there was an intermittent rotating circle by the side showing that Roon was doing something.

I then stopped and restarted Roon Core (but did not reboot the Mac Mini - just stopped and restarted the Roon application. Now, and since then, searches much faster and versions appear almost immediately.

So, I am beginning to suspect something that builds up over time and is reset when the core restarts?


Hi @DuckSoup,

Thanks for letting me know about the other behavior here. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we are still investigating this issue internally on our end.

I did take another look through the diagnostics from your core and I can see that part of the issue here might be is that you are getting a few Name Resolution Failures.

I do not see enough to be worrying but I would recommend that you change your DNS provider to Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS to help minimize these kinds of issues.

Thank you again for running those tests and letting me know your results, I have submitted them for review but it may take a bit of time for QA to complete their investigation and attempt to locate patterns from similar reports.


I’m having a similar problem. It takes minutes to search when I am logged into Tidal. And also takes a minute after I hit play. Basically Roon with Tidal is unusable in its current state. Everything works just fine when I search/play from my local Roon library.

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