Slow Searches with 1.6

I just purchased a 12.9” iPad Pro and LOVE the view of album/artist art, album flow/view all, and the portrait mode (sweet).

The higher specs of the new iPad still do not solve (for me at least) the generally MUCH slower speed/increased latency of 1.6. Not sure what happened under the hood, but it is way slower than 1.5. My addition of quobuz didnt help, but 1.6 was slower even c just Tidal my preexisting Tidal account. A Roon server/core reboot helps (as suggested in several threads) but just temporarily…within a few minutes to hours it slows again and I reboot the core. I previously could count on one hand the number of times I had rebooted Roon server, but now I do it daily…I hope they can fix it and this isn’t the “new normal”!

That is peculiar, it suggests some kind of memory leak where the Roon processes grow and eventually start thrashing. My Roon Core runs perfectly on an i5 NUC with 8GB of main memory running Ubuntu Server 18.10, serving 1508 albums, 18960 tracks from a Synology NAS. There are 3 main Roon processes:

  • RoonAppliance: 2.8GB virtual, 687MB resident.
  • RAATserver: 905MB virtual, 29MB resident
  • RoonServer: 549MB virtual, 37MB resident

All in all, much less than physical main memory. But nothing else much runs on this machine.

Agreed! It seems like a memory/cache issue. My core/server runs on a 2012 2.6Ghz i7quad core Mac mini with 16GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD…it is used only for ROON, headless c the iPad as my remote…all music files on a 4TB thunderbolt drive connected to the Mac which is directly connected to the Time Capsule/router…USB out of Mac to Sonore Ultrarendu direct to Oppo 205 then to amp/speakers. Not a new computer by any means but should be more than up to the task since it was the fastest Mac mini on the planet until the new mac mini came out this fall. Either way the slowdown occurred with 1.6 and was “fine” with 1.5.

That’s definitely weird, that server should be plenty, although macOS is more resource-hungry than Ubuntu Server. Can you check the memory and CPU load on the Mac mini with the Activity Monitor app? (If running headless, you’d be able to do that by enabling screen sharing on the Mac mini).

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There was a server problem that Roon staff reported solved recently. I’ve tried multiple searches with lots of results from my own local library and Qobuz, sub-second responses.

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Thanks for the tips…I opened Activity Monitor and With just Roon Server running and nothing searching or playing the CPU shows 0.6% for system, user at 0.3%. Memory shows 16GB of which 6.3GB used (4.3GB app, 1.8GB wired), and 8.2GB cached. Once i start the remote on my iPad and start using Roon, things heat up slightly showing CPU system of 2% and user of 15% CPU, 84% idle…memory basically unchanged for both system and cached (at most up 0.5GB). With very rapid searching and jumping from artist to artist and album to album I could drive the CPU to about 25% each for system and user dropping idle down to just under 50%…this time things seemed pretty snappy though! Hence the frustration of flying then crawling…at the moment seems pretty quick. Any thoughts on that Activity Monitor data?

Those CPU and memory numbers look healthy. I suggest you try to record the same when Roon is feeling very sluggish to compare. I’d also compare disk and network traffic between the “snappy” and “sluggish” conditions. BTW, is your Mac mini backing up itself regularly via Time Machine to some other server? Time Machine can really bog down a Mac.

Would fixing a problem with Roon’s servers speed up a user’s search of his local library? If so, why? Is Roon also searching the Internet for metadata or for related tracks available on Tidal or Qobuz?

Despite any fix of the Roon servers, local searches still run slowly for me.

I believe that some of the relevant metadata may come from their servers, but in any case the fact that it is so slow for you suggests you should contact Roon support so that they can work with you to figure the problem. I had slow responses right after 1.6 arrived, but not any longer, even though my searches range over local library and Qobuz.

Just to follow up on the Mac…have Time Capsule backups disabled (occ do a manual backup of my music files from one thunderbolt drive to another)…spotlight search disabled, Roon backups every 2 weeks. No other programs or apps r open on the mini.

Hi @Douglasmaurer,

Does this slowness occur for all remote devices?

How many total tracks are in your library (between local, TIDAL, and Qobuz)?

Can you provide some specific examples of slowness you’re experiencing and how long it takes?

Hi Dylan!
Library is large at 211K tracks. Speed seems same on iPad or iPhone and (now) maybe a hair faster on the new 2018 model iPad Pro compared to older…but that wasnt the case over the weekend. When I perform the Beatle’s HELP example tonight: 1.5 sec to overview, 2-3 to search Beatles, 1 sec to load their page, 2-3 or so to lead entire page of albums, slight delay in artwork, instant music playback.
Overall this is much better than even 3 days ago…but why? And will it slow down again? Get back to speed of1.5?

Hi @Douglasmaurer,

Apologies for the delay here!

I’m glad to hear that things are mostly better! Around this time we were experiencing some issues on our end that has since been cleared up.

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