Slow transition of track info /art on now playing screen

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows core, roon 1.7 build 571

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired 1gb ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Windows 10 endpoint with usb to Topping D10 to toslink output

Description Of Issue

When shuffling a bookmark or playing a playlist and one song ends, the next song starts playing but the track info and album art for the previous song stays on the now playing screen for 5 to 10 seconds before transitioning to the info/art for the current song. This started happening after installing build 571 on the core and endpoint Windows PCs. This didn’t happen on the previous release.

P.S. this happens whether playing local library content or content streamed from Qobuz.

Have you rebooted everything?
I have w10 and d10 set up in my office and it working fine.

Yes, I have rebooted everything.

Probably best to add more details on your core server, procesdor, memory and your network devices.

Ok, I rebooted everything in the chain and it appears to be working correctly now (except for some kind of problem logging in to qobuz that worked on retry). So thanks, and never mind.

Oops. Problem is back.

Huh. Now it’s working again. Go figure.

Oops. Problem back.

Plus, it just randomly stops and becomes unresponsive for a few minutes, then comes back but you have to press play to resume play.

Hi @SKBubba,

Does this issue only happen when playing to the Topping or does it occur across multiple zones?
If you try to start playback to System Output, do you notice the same behavior there?

It was happening on multiple zones. Because nobody else seemed to be reporting this or similar problems, I went through all my router and network settings. I updated firmware on the router, and found something odd in the IP settings of the network adapter of the core pc. The core pc appears to have had some adapter and sharing settings changed by a windows update or something. I reset everything to what it was supposed to be and checked all the other settings on the core and endpoint pcs. This problem and others seem to be resolved and it’s working correctly now. Sorry for wasting your time.

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IMHO so many good things about your thread.
You asked for help.
Added details.
Kept an open mind and went looking.
Got a fix and came back and reported.

Didn’t waste anybody’s time.


Hi @SKBubba,

Thanks for coming back to us on this and appreciate the update here! No worries about wasting any time, as that didn’t happen here, I’m just glad that you were curious enough to look into this further and post the solution for the benefit of others. Do let us know if you have further difficulties!

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