Slowness sometimes when playing tidal tracks

not sure if helpful but I noticed that sometime it takes quite sone time to load a track from Tidal.
For example I have a playlist of local music and then a song from Tidal comes up, sometimes it takes quite some time up to 15 seconds or so to start the playback. Then after that other Tidal tracks are fine.

It could be, as you mention, something related to the fact that Roon is downloading the whole track and for some reason it becomes very slow.

No, it starts playback as soon as it has a few kilobytes. It’s not waiting for the download to finish.

If it’s taking a long time to start, I’d check DNS settings. You probably have a bad server in there.

weird I am using the DNS provided by the ISP and I never had issues.

Try or, you can always put it back

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I will give it a go, do I use as primary and as secondary?
never mind I checked the Cloudfare website and will use as secondary

@Marcor just checking in here - did Danny’s suggestion help the connection speed? I’d like to mark a solution so other people can reference this thread. If the problem still exists, we can take a closer look.

After changing the dns I haven’t had the same issue anymore but at the same time I updated to the latest version of roon that seems to have fixed the Tidal tracks to stop halfway