Small Green Computer - User Feedback

Can the group share their experiences with Small Green Computer? I’m interested to hear the model being used and hour impressions. I’m considering an I7 Transport.


I bought several servers from Andrew at Small Green Computer over the years (pre-Roon, Vortexbox setups for use with LMS). Also an i5 Transporter to use for Roon initially (now I use NUC with ROCK instead). Andrew was always easy to reach and provided me timely after purchase assistance when needed (always something I screwed up that Andrew then fixed for me). Service was great.


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Why did you make the change to the NUC and Rock system?

I have more control over updating software, etc. And didn’t need all the other options the SMC box offered (LMS, spotify connect, among other things). I moved from vortexbox to rPi running piCorePlayer for my LMS server as well (more control for me).

edit: But if you want no DIY and all turnkey, SGC is a good vendor.

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Only 1Y warranty in EU is very short period. If I’m not wrong NUC has 3Y? For small computers when mainly mainboard causes problems it means that you have to buy a new computer. Now I have such problem with my Roon Core (NUC8i3) - it still works but for sure there is sth wrong with mainboard.

Cannot say enough good things about SGC and Andrew Gillis. Bought i5 and it keeps on working exceptionally. Responsive, honest broker. Mr. Gillis saved my bacon once when I “bricked” i5. Make your purchase and enjoy years of enjoyment.


I had issues with my sonicTransporter i9 running Roon and HQPlayer Embedded. Each time I used the sonicTransporter UI to upgrade HQPlayer, it would do something to the Roon installation that required me to restore the database from a backup to get it working again.

SGC told me they could not help me as Roon and HQPlayer are closed systems. They wanted me to contact the Roon and HQPlayer Devs for help. Nevermind the fact that it was the SGC UI that managed the upgrade process and that, in theory, the HQPlayer installer never touched anything related to Roon.

The total lack of interest in helping and the zero effort put in to try and solve the problem amazed me. Especially considering I had purchased two sonicTransporters, an ultraRendu, and a linear power supply from SGC in the past.

I quickly sold the sonicTransporter i9 and purchased an M1 Mac mini to replace it. I have less problems now than I did when running the sonicTransporter i9 and I don’t have to wait for SGC to update HQPlayer on their end to get the latest version.

I will not buy from SGC again.

Purchasing a i5 from SGC was one of the better audio decisions I have made over the years. Andrews support has been first rate and the unit has run flawlessly.

I thought I had an issue with the unit and finally determined it was my switch that failed. Andrew helped identify the problem.

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Used to use my iMac with local disks to feed my audio components, but had endless problems with Roon in that config. (I have a large library.)
Switched to using an i5 Transporter, using its CIFS mount feature to have it access the tracks on my Mac. I can still rip / download on my Mac, use iTunes/Apple Music to put tracks into playlists etc, and use the transporter for playback.
Sounds great, works great, much more reliable - with a couple of items to deal with:

  1. Need to periodically have Roon on the transporter scan the file systems as CIFS doesn’t seem to trigger when files are added to have Roon notice and scan. Not a problem unless I want to hear new tracks right away.
  2. Occasionally Roon problems mean I need to restore from backup - I have auto backups set up in Roon so not a big problem.

Overall highly recommended!


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I have hadthe SGC i7 Kabby Lake server for 6 years and I can say it has been good to me. The tech support from Andrew is top shelf. The unit has functioned and operated flawlessly! The ease of use is really cool as well. The OS updating was smooth and without fault.

The sound is really good too! Best piece of my front end I have ever owned.

Hope this is helpful!


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I’ve bought all of my computer gear from Andrew, i5, power supply for the i5, cd ripper, Sonore OpticalRendu, sonore power supply for the OpticalRendu and now waiting for the New optical Module from sonore. i ve had an issue when i got it and Andrew was right there, answers all question fast. i`ll continue to buy from him… outstanding products and service. sound fantastic too.


I’ve purchased several products from SGC over the years. Andrew is great. Great products and great service. Highly recommended.

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I’ve purchased a Sonic Transporter i5 five years ago. I’ve had only one issue with a non-working update, contacted Andrew Gillis and he solved the issue via Teamviewer.
I can recommend SGC.

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Technically, the SGC i5 computer I bought is certainly fine. However, at times I find Andrew‘s support a bit snotty!


We offer lifetime support!


I’ve purchased 2 SonicTransporter i5s, UltraRendu and SGC power supply. Exceptional product that just works. Andrew has been great if I’ve ever needed support (couple times at this point). Highly recommended as a turnkey solution.


I really appreciate this thread. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

We’re running an SCG i9. Compared to the iMac that we were using… well, there is no comparison. The SGC offers faster speed, improved sound quality, rock solid reliability - and is a great plug and play product.

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Couldn’t agree more. Very ‘snotty’ indeed. Poor service. Had to pay 2 times for replacing the SSD within 2 years. Transportation costs are abnormal (don’t blame SGC for that) but a consideration for buying audio equipment in the USA. No more SGC stuff for me or my audio friends.