Small Green Roon server -> SonicOrbiter -> Onkyo A-9050 Wolfson DAC

I’m replacing the current CD and radio sources in my home system with a Roon server. The amp in my system is an Onkyo A-9050, which has an integrated Wolfson 96 kHz/24-Bit DAC with an optical input. The signal path from digital files to the amp will be:

Music files on a WD Passport -> Small Green Roon server -> Sonic Orbiter -> the integrated Wolfson DAC -> Onkyo amp -> speakers.

Does anyone know / have experience with the DACs that are integrated in the Onkyo amp, and does anyone know / have experience with feeding them from a Roon signal path?

In other words, does this look like it will work?

Many thanks!

This would be a good question for @Jesus_Rodriguez to answer.

I see no issue with this.

Thanks everyone! I am looking forward to getting this set up.

have that working yet? i’m curious about the A-9050; wondering if I can pair it with my explorer 2.

I actually ended up going with the microRendu instead of the SonicOrbiter, and I will be using Small Green Computer’s USB -> SPDIF converter to connect the microRendu to the Onkyo.

I’m still waiting for the last couple of components to arrive - ethernet switch, some cables. I plan to set it up this week. I will let you know how it goes!

I will say that I’ve spent some time just motoring around in my music collection using Roon using the Small Green SonicTransporter as the server and an Android tablet and also a Windows7 laptop as clients. All of that worked flawlessly, both for setup and general operation.

I’m really looking forward to putting the whole package together.


Once I get all of this stuff working, then it’s time to start selling my wife on a speaker upgrade!!


Cheers -


Set this up last night.

The signal path is sonicTransporter -> microRendu -> small green USB to SPDIF converter -> SPDIF DAC input on the Onkyo.

Music is physically stored on a WD Passport. sonicTransporter and microRendu are both attached to the same Netgear hub, which is connected to the household internet via TPLink PowerLine, so no wireless involved, and the transporter and microRendu can find each other right on the switch. I sprung for the iFi power supply for the microRendu.

The sonicTransporter -> microRendu connection is via Roon, I’m controlling this from either the Roon app running on an Android tablet or on a Windows 7 laptop.

Once I got everything unboxed and organized, it took me about a half hour to wire it all up and get it configured. I just followed the really simple instructions available on the Small Green and Sonore websites to do the configuration. Basically, I had to mount the passport from the sonicTransporter, select Roon as the app on the microRendu, and everything else pretty much came together with almost no effort on my part.

Works absolutely great, right out of the box. Other than having to plug everything in and tell the sonicTransporter where to find the music files, this was completely and effortlessly turnkey. Probably something like $1500 all in, could have done it for less if I went for the smaller sonicTransporter (I got the i5 because we have a lot of music).

Easy peasy.

A really, really great set of products. Thank you all so much for putting this stuff together.

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