SMB Watched volume not updating

My watched SMB folder is only updating with a forced rescan, it updated instantly when transferring from the same machine in 1.1. Please advise.

It never worked for me. My watched folder is on a WD Mycloud NAS. I always need to force rescan or restart Roon.
I had hoped that 1.2 would solve it but unfortunately this is not the case.

The same here. SMB watched folder (Synology) and Roon (Linux). 10% it works as promised 90 % I have to force a rescan manually. But this is one of the less important problems with roon for me …

Team Roon are aware of some types of unit that perhaps don’t have well implemented SMB. I am hopeful that a solution will come that gets real-time updates on such devices.

@ncpl I’m sorry. I don’t understand this. The Roon team understands what?

…that some NAS units need a rescan to pick up changes. SMB is the protocol that drives the real-time tracking of watched folders. It seems not to work in some installations.

Thanks. I’ve known they are aware of the problems with SMB, but the point is it has gotten worse with 1.2.

Does afp now work for watched folders?