Snap Crackle & Pop-not Rice Crispy but ROON

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

iMac Retina 27 2014, 4Ghz QC i7, 32 GB Ram, Roon 1.7 (build610)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Netgear 24 port Gb switch to a Cisco 8 port Gb switch to the iMac

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

All devices are hard wired Ethernet Cat5e:
Bluesound Node 2i TOS & analog to Bryston BP17.3,
Bluesound Node 2i analog to PSAudio Sprut,
Bluesound Node 2i TOS to Marantz PM 6005,
Bluesound Node 2i TOS & analog to Jamesloudspeaker A2.1
Bluesound Node 2i Coax to Anthem AV310
Oppo UDP-203 HDMI & TOS to Anthem AV 710.
Apple MacbookPro 2012 i7 USB to Schiit Modi,

Description Of Issue

it does not happen all the time but, on the occasional late night listing session tracks contain snap crackle and pops like a dirty record. I thought it was the one Bluesound connected to the PSAudio analog, so I rebooted, changed from a Tidal track to a Flac file from my library still had the issue.
tried the Oppo, same issue and the Shiit Modi-same there too. The S,C&Ps don’t happen in the same spots.
I’m thinking it might be Network issue, also thinking of migrating the Roon Core to a dedicated music server Mac Mini or Nucleus. I would like to know if anybody else has had an issue like this before spending on a new server.
Much appreciated.

Can you post some screen shots of the signal path for some of the devices when playing. Do you have anything else happening on the network like kids gaming or something on the iMac like time machine doing backups to a networked drive?

Thank you very much,
There are security cameras on the network, no other applications are running on the iMac.
Wifi is off on the iMac well.
I bypassed Roon and played the same files off Tidal directly from the Bluesound app. and there are no errors.

Hello @HearcleaR, do you still hear these pops if you disable DSP or play to system output?

DSP on or off seems to make no difference, but playing out the iMac headphones with no DAC or other hardware it is clean.

Hello @HearcleaR, thanks for your patience while I reviewed this item with my team. Could you please test local content playing on your Schiit Modi connected to the core via USB and let me know if you still hear these noises?

Thank you Nuwriy,
I just had a chance to try the Schiit Modi connected directly to the Core and the playback is clean.
I also changed the core to a MacPro(late 2013) 3.7gHz Quad Core, Roon 1.7, Cat 5e directly to the Netgear24 switch.
This setup is clean on the Schiit Modi but, Bluesound Node2i’s still have the issue.

Hello @HearcleaR, next time you’re able to reproduce the issue could you please reply here with a timestamp so I can enable diagnostics for your account and create a report for our team? Thanks!


Hi Nuwriy,
Still have the issue, running on the different Core/MacPro.
Output directly from the computer seems OK it is mainly the Bluesound Nodes.
I lowered the Max Sample Rate to 48/24 and the issue is less frequent but still audible.

Hello @HearcleaR, Do you see this behavior if you play to a single device instead of a grouped zone?

Also next time you can reproduce this please let me know what time you did (in your local time). We appreciate the timestamp in your previous post but unfortunately, the community timestamp couldn’t get me where I needed to go. I’d appreciate knowing when in your local time and what track was playing at the time, thanks!

The issue is audible on playback of one Node and multiple Nodes and End Points all day and night, files 44.1-192kHz.

After changing network cables, network switches and computers with no change.
I thought before I give up on Roon completely and just listen to the Bluesound App, I would give OS 11-Big Sur a go, as I received an email from Roon Labs stating “So far, we’re pleased to say everything is fully functional and we haven’t identified any compatibility issues”.
That seems to have eliminated the snap, crackle and pop issue!

Hi guys,

I have also been having this issue. Definately more relevant on certain songs than others.

I was using a hard-wired Primare NP5 I was given as a gift & was sure this was the source of the problem, as isn’t Roon ready. However, after using my Mac, straight in to my DAC over USB, it still seems to be about, just not quite as noticeable.

If I use my CDt in to the DAC though, no issues at all.

DSP off
No headroom adjustment
Everything straight though
Happens at all volumes
Various tracks - Tidal & Qobuz

Updated to Big Sur & still encountering a few issues…

I seem to having the same issue.

  1. Arris network router hardwired to Roon Nucleus
  2. Roon nucleus to an Auralic Vega 2.1
  3. Vega to Mark Levinson 585.5
    I have to restart the Nucleus and the issue clears up every time. It can happen anytime. I’m steaming Qobuz whenever it happens.

Also just started having this issue, but on only one endpoint:

  1. Roon core on Windows Server (virtual)
  2. Windows Server hardwired to Orbi satellite
  3. Bluesound Powernode 2i to Orbi hub
  4. Powernode is connected to KEF LS50

System previously worked fine. Craking/popping does not occur when using Tidal Connect on the Powernode, and does not occur when using Roon on thru a Node 2i/powered Klipsch system.

Hello @Bryan_Woody,

I am extremely sorry that we have missed on your post on this existing thread for so long…:sweat:

We would love to help if our help is still needed. Could you please update us on this issue? :pray:

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