So happy & UPNP support

Want to let to know you all I took a lifetime subscription and a few days after that I learned that 2 of my important improvement wishes were implemented: Qobuz support and Radio including Qobuz & Tidal streaming. So happy with that.

I really hope my 2 wishes comes true too: UPNP support as with Audirvana I can push 192Khz streams to my Denon x6300. For now I use a Chromecast Audio to at least be able to push it in 96kHz but how cool would 192Khz be. Will you implement that in the future Roon team?

Second hope would be Alexa support. Tidal has it and as Qobuz is entering US market it would be a great value.

Upnp has been ruled out for ever being included by the roon team.

Why is that? It would add value for at least Denon users which I think is a considerable market. Happy with Roon anyway but why not make it even better?

Hi Martin

Have you considered an Allo DigiOne or HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro, to play PCM192kHz to your Denon?

There’s a little bit of work needed burning an OS to microSD card but there’s lot of help around here to get you through it.

UPnP does not make it better would take Roon back to the dark ages… In my experience UPnP can take a running jump. It’s well.passed its sell by date.

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Thanks for the tip. I will look into that. I wonder though: Why put in an extra component in between the audio stream? If data is pushed directly to my DAC of the x6300 I think it might avoid interfernce?

You’d be swapping out the Chromecast Audio, so no extra component?

I meant of you do direct UPN to the receiver I would not need Chromecast Audio nor another streamer. Just push to the denon DAC.

But it won’t ever be there.

Best to move on from this wish. It’s never happening. From the COO:

Personally, from experience (not expertise) if (and I may be wrong) your AVR has a TV and maybe Projector and TV/Satellite antenna and other components connected to it, I wouldn’t worry about interference that may be added to the system via a small 5Vdc powered Allo DigiOne or HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro…

In terms of the Roon experience, there is way more upside than downside by adding one of these to your Denon AVR.

Again, just speaking from my own personal experience, not expertise.

Push Denon to go Roon Ready! This only happens when customers of a manufacturer push them.


PS: I also don’t want Roon to support UPnP directly, please^^

I want to thank you all for helping me out here. I’ll let that hope of UPNP support go and enjoy all the other fantastic feautures of Roon. As you pointed out there are alternatives like Sonore and a HiFi berry. I can also use my Nvidia ShieldTV together with Kodi to achieve Qobuz or Tidal HiRes playing on my Denon receiver. Thanks again and hope you all enjoy this Gem (Roon) as I do.

Roon devs were working on this before it was tabled as being unusable.

From my experience, in spite of what Amazon would have people believe, the voice recognition in Echo devices is just not that good.

Didn’t help that Roon sounds a lot like room.

I must say that the Tidal integration in Alexa works really nice for me. Roon(exa) would add qobuz and my local library functionality too. Let’s see what the future might bring us.

In 3 of my rooms I have Roon RAAT compatible systems, and can group them and play hi-res music through them.

In 1 room I have a Devialet Phantom Gold, which is limited to Airplay/CD Lossless, and can’t be grouped in roon, and can’t play hi-res files.

But I jut read on a Devialet forum of someone using Audirvana and UpnP to send to and play hi-res 24/192 files to the Devialet fine, and they are loving it.

I then read the comments above about how UpnP is hated by roon devs and they’ll never implement it. Fine, I am in no way qualified to comment on whether that’s a right or wrong view.

But how can I get hi-res music to my Phantom, and be able to group it into a roon Zone? it seems there’s a solution here, but not one i can use with roon.


Hi Mark,

You can interpose a streaming device that runs Roon Bridge before the Devialet Phantom and run it into the optical digital input on the Phantom. I appreciate that this is not ideal with a purportedly wireless solution, but such streaming devices can be relatively small, low powered and hidden out of the way.

I’ve used an Allo Digi-One quite happily as such a streaming device before an original Auralic Vega DAC. The Digi-One is an SPDIF output though and you’ll be needing a Toslink Output. There are Pi hats that do Toslink out, but I haven’t used them.

The Sonore SonicOrbiter SE also does Toslink out.

The Roon Bridge device is a RAAT zone that can be grouped with your other RAAT zones.

You can use something like the Sonore UPNP bridge to get Roon via UPnP to the Devialet, tis would allow hires upto 192/24, but you will not be able to group play with other RAAT endpoints. You would need another renderer device that supports RAAT inbetween as Andy has already commented on.

One option would be to run AirConnect on your Roon Core (or other computer on your network) to expose any UPnP/DLNA device on your network as an AirPlay end point. Then you can add it in Roon, with the obvious limitations of AirPlay, but it works nonetheless…