So, I finally caved…

I have three different monitor cases in use (no HAT on any of the monitors, as I separate the endpoints from the displays), and I have been tracking temperature for all of my RoPieee devices. The open back design one is the coolest of the monitors by far (by about 5 degrees C).


Thanks, guys, for pointing me in the right direction.

How did you manage to do this? Did you configure it as a remote?

After enabling the extension in Roon, all you need to do is to set the zone you want to display in Ropieee’s web config page – it works independently from Roon Bridge as endpoint.

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If there is no hat or dac on the usb then it won’t show up as a bridge endpoint…so just a display. I love the clock when it’s not playing too.

I plan to use as spare pi to feed an active speaker via the headphone out (sound quality is not a concern here), and incorporate a display in this setup. Is this possible with Ropieee, or would I need a hat to feed the speaker?

The onboard audio of the Pi is disabled in Ropieee and not selectable as output. For a good reason too: it is really, really bad.

Look for a nice HAT. If SQ is not important, any basic HifiBerry, IQAudio or Allo DAC will do.


Thanks, @RBM.
Last couple of questions, will the display work with a hat, and how much power would I need to feed the pi in order to power a hat an the touchscreen?

There is a list of compatible HATs on the Ropieee website.

Brilliant, thank you! Looks like I can start tinkering in the coming days. Three pies in my home network just aren’t enough… :sunglasses:

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I use the RaspTouch Case:

It also features a power button, which triggers the system to turn off and cuts the power afterwards. But it is also more work to put it together (hardware, cabling and software) compared to other cases.

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5V/3A should do it.

Happy tinkering!

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Ouch thats quite a whack price wise and really only worry it if you must have a built in amp or DAC hat like DigiAMP+ etc…I think my case modded element14 case was 10% of that and while needed some cutting is just as functional.

here is one I did in an old Sake bottle box

and the other is here with the element14 (farnell) case


The price tag is indeed high.
I still went for it, as I was specifically looking for a case which hides all boards inside, while being able to easily switch the sd-card from the outside.

Expensive is beter than not for sale, we say around here…


So true. I’m had some albums missing in my collection. Seems I’d hidden them.

I do like that eleduino one from Canada or wherever they make it…china most likely. Most of mine sit on a shelf or rack somewhere so are not taking up much room that the rather deep expensive one would demand.

Did you have any trouble with the disc image , I keep getting a corrupt file ?


Are you talking RoPieee? No I did not. I have actually downloaded it twice so far and it worked both times.

How do you download and with which browser?

I wish there was a US seller selling that. Mr. Instant Gratification here wants his free next-day or 2-day delivery. :wink: