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I recently signed up and I am trying Roon. I have the Tidal and Qobuz services. after I downloaded the Roon apps to my mac laptopand was using my mac as the core and the apps to my ipad and iphone for control. I used Roon for a couple of days and then I started having problems where the music would cut out. I use a Bluesound Node 2i to stream. I soent a bunch of time on the ohone yesterday with Bluesound trying to firgureout what was going on. The core had stopped recognizing the Node2i. I was busy the rest of the day and so this morning I decided I would uninstall the Roon softeare from all my devices. I then tried reinstalling but the software will not install on my laptop. What am I doing wrong and what about this issue of the music cutting out intermittently.
Obviously if I cannot get this figure out then this is not for me. In reality I really probably need to be able to talk to someone so we can figure this out if that is not possible then I don’t think I should go forward.

Fill in the requested information would help us try to understand your setup…but I’ll have a shot without it.

Your Mac is perhaps under spec… but it’s most likely your using Wifi and this won’t be helping as Roon is network demanding. This is especially so on a new core setup and if you are trying to stream at the same time.

Mr. Fixit
Thanks for your reply.

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)**

Mac book air macos mojave 10.14.6 173.23 GB available

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Fiber optic internet Asus AC RT87R

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bluesound Node 2i wifi connection optical connectioon to sound system

Description Of Issue

At ths point my biggest problem is that I cannot even download the software. I had everything set. I was using my mac book for a core and my iphone nd ipad minias controllers and then I first started getting where the music would interrupt. If I changed the music to a different album then it would play for a while then it would be interrupted. Sometimes it would come in and out. I thought I was having a problem with my optical cable running from my Node2i to my DAC so I changed it and then the next day the problem came back. I got help from Bluesound they checked through everything and after analyzing things their tech folk said that the problem was with the Roon software. I tend to believe this since I have been streaming music from the Node2i to my system using the BlueOS controller and my Kef app. I stream both Qobuz and Tidal as I am trying both at this time. The problems seem consistent with both services. Yesterday I deleted the Roon software from all my devices and thnking I would redownload them and now they download but they will not open. I dont see why I would have a problem as you sugest with wifi or my mac being under spec as everything worked just great for two days then it crashed.
Thanks for your help,

Hi @Jose_de_Leon,

Can you confirm that you’ve taking all of the steps outlined here when re-installing Roon?

Just to verify, the Core machine is connected via WiFi, correct? If you try connecting via Ethernet as a test is there any improvement?

From Bluesound wireless seems to be the problem:

I have tried everything that was outlined. the Firewall was already off for some reason and ariel was enabled. Here is the thing that people that are giving me advice keep forgetting, I was already running Roon and using my Bluesound Node2i and did so for several days and then the trouble started. Bluesound actjally analyzed evrything that had happened and they narrowed it down to the Roon software. That is when I decided to uninstall the software on all my devices and try reistalling again. I am now trying to reinstall and it just will not happen. I have the Roon Server in my Apps but it just will not open. I spent nearly three hours with Bluesound and they actually took over my laptop. My wife has an Mac desktop and I am going to try using that but thatis pretty much without some solid support my last choice. Like I said its really a shame becaus when I ran Roon I really like what it did and my Wife was really enjoying the data and the suggestions for similar music. If you have any other ideas I am open. Perhaps this is a bit beyond my capabilities but it really should not be.

Hi @Jose_de_Leon,

If you installed RoonServer, this does not have the UI components that the all-in-one version of Roon has. You can read more about this here in our KB.

In order to access RoonServer, you’ll need to use a remote to connect to it.

For now, I would recommend installing just Roon from our downloads page and installing that instead of RoonServer. After you’ve done this that should get you up and running.

Got it. I reinstalled on all my devices and everything seems to be working now.
Thanks for the help.

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