SOLVED Roon 1169 update - DSP destroyed

Roon Core: Intel i3, Windows 10
RoonBridge: SOtM sMS-200

I’ve been using Roon’s Procedural EQ to create an active 4-way crossover system. It has been working perfectly for many, many months. Build 1169 seems to have destroyed the channel mixing.

I have deleted the ‘bits’ file in /Registry/Core, but this has had no effect.

Is this a problem with Roon Core, or is it a problem with RoonBridge on the SOtM?


I’m getting exactly the same result using my Auralic Aries G1.1, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem with the endpoint, but with Roon Core itself.

To be clear, the Procedural EQ seems to have become corrupted.

I’ll have to check my bedroom setup as use procedural eq up there to mono the source.

Has anyone at Roon Support had a chance to look into this yet?

On a side note but DSP related I have noticed thet DSP i general has taken a bit performance wise as swapping presets takes an age now.


I’ve just tried 1169 with my office system. The Roon endpoint here is a Win10 PC running Roon Bridge 1125 feeding a MOTU UltraLite-mk5 DAC. Here, I use Procedural EQ to create a 3-way crossover.

Everything works perfectly here.

I will try the same Win10 PC as endpoint in my main system later today, and report back.



I just needed to reboot my multichannel DAC. I’ve no idea why, as this has never been required before, but it has solved the problem. My 4-way crossovers using Roon’s Procedural EQ now works perfectly, exactly as before.



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