SOLVED: Swapped DAC and get Buzzing noise for everything but 16/44

I just changed my DAC and am having problems streaming everything except 16/44 files. My new DAC is a Legacy Wavelet. My previous setup was LH Labs Pulse fed by Allo USBridge - Roon Core was Microsoft SP5 or PC Workstation - FreeNAS Mini. The only 2 changes are the DAC and USB cable (LH Labs 1G), although I have tried 2 Allo USBridges and get identical results.

When I enable DSP Headroom I get a constant buzzing noise. I’ve tried modifying the setting from -.5 to -13 and no difference. Whenever I feed anything higher than 16/44 I get the same buzzing noise. I’ve tried different conversion options per the Wavelet manual and tried resampling everything in Roon to 44.1 - no luck there. Tried the Limits in the Device Setup Playback option - same noise.

I can confirm the Allo USBridge is receiving the correct conversions per the ALSA Output Stream info. Although Roon doesn’t recognize the Wavelet DAC, it is reporting the correct Bit-Perfect Format Support in Device Setup Playback.

I took my SP5 and fed the Wavelet directly with the recommended conversion settings using J River DSP and same USB cable and everything works as it should.

This leads me to believe its something to do with my Roon settings. Hopefully this is an easy fix!

There have been a couple of Roon related changes in DietPi since v.141. I’d suggest updating DietPi to see if that makes a change.

Thanks for your response. Dietpi is current V6.1. Do you mean Roon Bridge needs to be updated?

SOLVED - Turns out the Legacy Wavelet uses USB 1.1 - Dietpi V6.2 now includes option for USB 1.1