Some albums from iTunes folder not playing on ROCK

I have found that some albums in my iTunes folder on a NAS connected to a NUC running ROCK do not load (too many failures, stopping playback). Most albums play fine but more and more I am finding albums that don’t load. When I move the album from the iTunes folder to a different folder in the NAS, then rescan that folder for new music, they play fine. What is going on?

Perhaps some bad permissions on the files? Had many files moved from Mac’s to Linux that have this type of issue all the time at work had to change the permissions to allow access.

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Hello @Jason_Finn, what kind of files are you encountering this issue on? Are they all the same type? I’d recommend try converting to FLAC, which might resolve some potential issues with the files. If they are FLAC already, I’d still make this recommendation. Let me know if that helps!

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