Some albums from NAS no longer recognized after update (880)

I’m having a similar but not to the same degree. Only some of my albums are being recognized on my NAS. Tried force rescan and it added some but not all.
Roon Nucleus
Drobo NAS
Luxul 24 port switch
Devialet 250
Macbook Air
Library showing 2537 albums but there are more.

Hey @phil_fischer,

Have you tried rebooting your Roon Core? By this I mean quitting Roon, turning off your Core, unplugging it for a few minutes and getting it back on again?

Tried that. Only added 1 album.
Also just updated to the latest build 882. Didn’t help either.

I believe that is a flaw in the programming. Rebooting changes things but nothing about the database is stable.
My database backs up without problem but Roon home and albums never agree on the number of albums present and sometimes it displays utter rubbish as in my image below.

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