Some albums from Tidal incomplete or songs skipping. CD's wrongly ripped?

Several times I expierenced that there are albums that are incomplete, or where songs are skipping at the end of a tune.
For example: Bach Latin Church Music Vol 1 by Ton Koopman, most numbers are listed as 30 seconds long. This is in Tidal and in Roon. Looks like the cd is wrongly ripped. Half year ago I send a complained to Tidal but they do not respond.

On you see the real lenggth of the tracklist:

Other example is The complete Schubert Stringquartets by the Melos Quartet.
Tracklist etc is okay. But playing for example from cd 4, track 5 The Rosamunde Quartet D.804, the first movement, at the end there is missing a piece of music. It suddenly ends and goes to the next movement.
It happens on Tidal and on Roon. Also somewhere on cd 1 or 2. The cd-set must also be wrongly ripped I suppose.

Is there something Roon @support can do about this? Cause contacting Tidal is not resulting in any kind of response.

I dont wish to hijack the thread, but its on the same theme, so If I may, I can add another odd one.

From disc 3 on, all tracks are identical to the first.
Like @PhiloMelos I have contacted Tidal, but no response.

Moved the question to @support forum

Let’s drop a flag for @joel. He may know the proper incantation to command the Tidal spirits.

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Hi @PhiloMelos and @BrianW – Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

I have discussed this behavior with the team, and unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done on our end as the “information” we receive is coming directly from TIDAL (as you know). I asked Joel if he had any suggestions on how this issue could be raised with the team over at TIDAL and he recommended trying to get in contact with the TIDAL support team again via the same method posted in your report.

OK, thank you for considering anyway. I’m not surprised with your answer, but had hoped you might have a back door into Tidal.

I’ll try again with their front door.


Hm, that’s a pitty.
Just did another try.