Some albums still not showing under artist on B790

This didn’t fix any of my issues either. Not all albums display under artist in my local library but if I search them specifically they show up. Re started everything. No fix.

Can you show us a screenshot of your overview tab on the artist details?

… which ones are missing?

This is My albums under the same artist. Not in overview. And this is just the first couple of 916 albums

ok, you clearly have some type of custom stuff going on there… click on that 1958 spring john bucklen album and let’s see what you see there

I do have some “custom stuff” I guess. But to be clear I didn’t notice missing albums until 1.8

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Could it be that at 12 minutes it’s being classed as an ep or single?


Good thought. I have some 145 minute concerts that dont show up as well

It looks like this is specific to Bootleg albums. I’ll check with the team on this, thanks for the screenshots @Daniel_l.

Great. Thanks. Some show up in Artist>view all albums in library. Some don’t. Some show up in artist>overview. Some dont. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason.

@dylan and to be clear this only started after 1.8. Prior to that I had no problems with albums.

I’m also seeing this for compilations. I’m haven’t used roon prior to 1.8 so I’m not sure what the behavior was before, but I have a number of compilations that I can only find under the discography tab that I would like to see in the overview.

@dylan any word back from the team?

Here is maybe an easier example as I only have 4 albums in my library. Yes all are live shows.

First view from overview in artist.

Second from Artist, my albums. Now 2 show up.

Third from searching the artist specifically. You can see the 4 albums in my collection.
This behavior was not happening before 1.8.
This is the simplest way I can explain it.
@dylan @danny

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I am having similar issues. Have 5 albums of composer Claude Vivier. On composer page for him, only 4 show up. Doing filter on albums page gives me all 5.

There is a problem, Roon! If I use software, I dont want to count manually to check it is complete.

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Hi @Daniel_l

Sorry for the delayed response here. I spoke with the team on this and confirmed that we have a ticket in for this issue. I can’t make any promises on timeframes just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when we have more info.


Thanks. I hope everyone understands the scope of the problem.

@dylan @danny talking to other roon users this seems to be a wide spread problem and not a “custom stuff” issue. Roon has never given time tables to fix problems, but at least let me know if you are going to fix it. Or is this expected behavior?

In his last message, Dylan said that there was a ticket in. This means that it will be fixed.