Some albums still not showing under artist on B790

In his last message, Dylan said that there was a ticket in. This means that it will be fixed.

Thanks for speaking for @dylan and @danny. I hope you’re right. I’m not optimistic

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Hi @Daniel_l

I don’t have any timeframes I can provide just yet, but as Geoff mentioned we have a ticket in for this with our development team. When we have more information on this we’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Thanks @dylan and @danny we are all waiting as patiently as we can. I’d love to use roon as it worked before.

@dylan @danny build 795 did not address this? Or did I miss something? This has been happening since the release of 1.8. So disappointing.

Hi @Daniel_l,

B795 was addressing a couple of specific items, but other improvements are still in development for future releases, including this issue. I still can’t offer any timelines, but I can confirm that the ticket is with the development team to address in the future.

Thanks for reaching out!

In other words I can go pound sand. Wait patiently as long as you want me to and keep my mouth shut. Thanks @dylan and @danny

@danny roon today charged me $119.88. You are welcome. @dylan PLEASE fix this issue.

@dylan @danny the new update hasn’t fixed my issue. Did it not make it to this update? Is the ticket still being worked on?

Hi @Daniel_l

Can you share some new screenshots of what you’re seeing? The latest update should now show Bootleg albums on the Overview page.

The example I am using is a live show 1961 05-06
When I search it specifically it shows up.

Under overview it does not.

The next three pictures are the only “bootlegs” shown in overview.

Which brings up the question how roon categorizes albums as a “bootleg”? What is the criteria?

Hi @Daniel_l

For the 1961-05-06 album — can you share some screenshots of the main album page?


@Daniel_l I’ve sent you a PM.

I’ve sent the album. In your testing are you saying this should show up under bootlegs? Again it only shows up when specifically searched.
Also this is just one example. There are others and for other artists.
Let me know what you find.

Thanks for the follow-up @Daniel_l. I imported this into my library and, under Bob Dylan, it’s showing up as expected. At the moment I’m not sure why it’s not showing up that way in your database, though.

Can you please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)?

I’m going to pass logs and this album along to our QA team so they can do some further investigation. Thanks!

@dylan here is the link to my logs

Any news? It’s been about 2 weeks. And remember this is just one example. There are more. And with search not working it’s hard to find anything that way. Please help!

@dylan any updates?

Hi @Daniel_l — I don’t have any specific updates just yet. This is our QA team’s queue for further testing, but I don’t have any specific timeframes I can provide just yet. On our end things are working as we’d expect, so something is happening on your end that is a bit different.

In the meantime, I’m hoping you can try something for us so we can better understand what you’re seeing.

  • Make a backup
  • Make a copy of one of these albums outside of your Roon watched folder
  • In Roon, delete this album
  • Go to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library and run this process
  • Move the previous copy that you made back into your Roon watched folder

Does this album now show up correctly?