Some FLAC streams removed

Many Flac streams do not carry metadata; it is difficult for the Icecast servers used by most stations to do this.
Some stations have started using an alternative method of including metadata which involves the stream logically starting and stopping for each track.

At the moment Roon cannot deal with this and will stop processing the stream at the end of the track.

Until this problem is fixed, we are removing the affected streams from the database. At present the stations and streams are

Mother Earth

JB Radio-2


Sing Sing Bis Radio

440hz Radio

I have given the URLs in case people wish to add them to their own My Live Radio library nevertheless.

I will endeavour to monitor these and others and add or subtract from this list accordingly.


Cc @dylan @nuwriy


Thank you for all your hard work on these streams!


For the last week, JB Radio-2 has not been carrying metadata. I have added the two associated Flac streams back into the database, but will continue monitoring.

Ai-radio seems to have disappeared completely. I’ve removed that altogether for the time being.

No other changes.

I sent them an email and many others did to I think as he mentioned that he reverted back to the old stream

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Thank you for your efforts. We can all now benefit.

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Station Magic Radio has been developing (?) its Flac stream recently with the result that it a) plays with stutters, and b) doesn’t play the advertised stream.
(It’s appears to be trying to add metadata by inserting it into the flac stream at regular intervals. This doesn’t work well)

For the time being, I’ve removed the flac stream


Good news! Mother Earth Radio have changed their server and now include metadata in their new Flac stream which has been added to the database. For those who have the old stream in their my live radio area, the new stream is

Bad news. Hitz 983 have changed how they insert metadata for their flac stream and thus Roon stops at the end of each track. I have removed the flac stream for now but have found a replacement 192k mp3 stream;
and have added this to the database.

I’ve removed the flac stream of Sun Radio (Nantes) . Same reason as above - the stream will stop at the end of each track.
If you want to add it to my live radio anyway, it’s

Sing Sing Bis Radio now has two new flac streams, one without metadata.
These were not on their site a month or two ago:

They are listed at > Ecouter > Les Flux

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Thank you very much @gsuzor91, I’ve added the sansmetadata stream.

As expected, the metatdata one causes Roon to stop, so I’ve left it off for now.

Unfortunately, I can’t add the Flac keyword at the moment as the station editing program doesn’t work. I’ll add it as soon as it’s back.

Shame about JBRadio-2 I used to enjoy using its high bandwidth stream
I’d noticed it had disappeared
Anything further on this?

I looked at their Facebook page (as much as I can, not being on facebook) - no change and no news.

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They actually said goodby a couple days prior to the stream going away.

Can anyone tell me what has happened to Radio Bluesflac station from Spain stream? I cannot find it in Roon, yet I can quite happily locate and play in Naim’s Hi-Res radio stations folder.

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For some unknown reason, the stream had gained a US only flag. I’ve removed the flag so it should play now.


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Thank you BrianW for the speedy response and restoration of the stream.

I really enjoy that station thanks guys

Damn - I wrote an id3 tag parser for icecast back in 1999 for mp3 files too.