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Hi all.

I’m finding tags very useful & I currently have one called “Japan etc.” for anything related to the band & the various solo & collaborative projects that all the members have been involved in since.

I see that I can select an individual track from a compilation album & add it to the “Japan etc.” tag, but when I invoke the tag & click on that album, the whole album is there, not just the one track.

The “Japan etc.” tag is not showing above the album (& I guess I wouldn’t expect it to) & when I click on the three dots by the track & go into the options pop-up, it is showing as being added to said tag.

I suppose my question is “what’s the point in being able to tag an individual track if Roon’s going to add the whole album anyway?”

In addition, I can’t see any indication of the track having been added without looking in that pop-up, so there’s no quick way to see it without reading down the track list.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, :slight_smile:

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Why do you apply the tag in the album browser if you’re interested in tracks? Apply the tag in the tracks browser if you are interested in tracks.

You missed to set the album page preferences (Show track tag links) to your needs (Settings|General scroll down if you need to).

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Perfect, thanks. :slight_smile:

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