Some playlists recognized while others aren't (even when identical in content)

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS920+ running DSM 7.0.1-42218, Intel Celeron J4125 2 GHz, 4 core, 4GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

MikroTik running RouterOS v6.43.2 (stable)
Linksys EA6300 router functioning as bridge, firmware

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Port - wired
Sonos One - wifi
Sonos Play:1 x2 - wifi
Sonos Play:1 x1 - wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

48015 tracks

Description of Issue

I have several m3u playlists not being detected by Roon. I’m running the core and also store the music folder on my Synology NAS (full spec above)

My playlists folder is within the same storage folder as all music - see screengrab of storage configuration and finder navigated to the folder:

Upon scanning the full storage, this is what I get:

In order to debug the missing playlists, based on the info in your support:
I started making a new playlist by copying, album by album, via text editor. In this example I’m using undetected playlist “to listen 2021-12.m3u” and copying into “roon-test.m3u” from scratch. Right from the first album pasted in, the playlist “roon-test.m3u” was found without issue.

I assumed I’d hit an album or track with a special character as I pasted everything in, but after pasting in new chunks and forcing a re-scan after each new text block, the new tracks populated without issue.

Here you can see both “to listen 2021-12.m3u” and “roon-test.m3u” diff’d in VS Code, they are identical:

The only thing of note in the file was this character the IDE flagged, but again, roon-test is coming into Roon just fine with that suspect character:

I’m at a loss as to why “to listen 2021-12.m3u” and the other playlists are not being scanned in successfully and roon-test.m3u worked, and would love any insights you could provide!

As reference, here is a public link to the detected playlist, “roon-test.m3u”:

And here is a public link to the undetected playlist, “to listen 2021-12.m3u”:

I’d love to get Roon working well before my trial ends. I’m so happy to now have a solution far superior to Sonos, but I definitely need it to work with external playlist sources like these.

Thanks in advance for your help, and let me know if there’s anything else I could provide.


Interesting - I just updated Roon to the new version today (1.8 build 880) and all my playlists are now showing up! Please disregard.

Now this is happening again. Two more playlists not showing up. Here’s an example:

I have a similar issue. Wonder if it has to do with spaces/punctuation in the file name. Will experiment when I have some time?

I don’t think it’s specific characters or punctuation solely, as in the first example files I shared, I had one appearing in roon and one not, with identical text. Maybe it’s the difference between roon finding the playlist w/o some characters in it, then being ok when you add them as long as the playlist has been detected?

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