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I have updated the roon core (ROCK) to “1.8 (Build 918)”.
Now I have problems with the radio stations from MDR

Other applications (T+A R1000E streamming module, sonos, …) are able to receive the MDR Streams

Hello @Klaus_Drechel , I see this too.

If I check the streams with the Radio Curator’s stream tester Roon plays them OK. This should mirror the Roon app. However, in the real Roon app, the streams produce a 401 (unauthorised) error. I can see nothing wrong with the streams.

I founded this:

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Hello again. Those referenced non-https links are effectively the same as Roon uses, although Roon uses them via .m3u links, and so things should (and usually do) work.

In this case, there is a bug in Roon where it is apparently not dealing with the redirections correctly.

I have replaced the URLs with working links and will inform the Roon devs.

Try now.

Thank you.
Now it works. Maybe, the bug was coming with the last core update.

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