Some tracks show number of Recordings, others do not. Why?

Take the new live album form Fleetwood Mac as an example.
All the tracks on it, are one way or another present on quite some different albums.

However, ‘Go Your own way’ shows 254 recordings, Rhiannon doesn’t show any.

Probably asked many times before, but I still do not understand this.

It’s to do with composition metadata if there is no composition metadata for that song on that album then it can’t link them to other versions that exist on other albums. Rhiannon doesn’t have any composition metadata. Why it doesn’t have this info I can’t say it maybe Qobuz or Roons metadata partners don’t have it.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I find it difficult to believe that Roon metadat partners don’t have it.

As an example , looking at the original album ‘Fleetwood Mac’ at Qobuz (44,1kHz/16bit of 1975) , 46 recordings of Rhiannon are presented.

Clicking on the number of the recordings, the complete list of 46 albums is presented.

Most of the albums in the list do show the same number of recordings for Rhiannon (46), but even the 1st one in the list does not.

So at the one end the recording is counted for, but does not show the number of recordings, whilst most albums do.

I am still wondering if there is really lack of metadata ( and if so how/why), or if Roon is inconsistent of picking up this information.

Still don’t get it.

They might not have it for that version of the album in particular. If it’s not on that track on that album it’s on it won’t link, doesn’t matter if it’s on other versions of the track on other albums. Metadata can be very inconsistent in general. But there are flaws in how Roon gets composition metadata as @Suedkiez has found a few times. I bet labels don’t provide it fully to Qobuz or other services either.


This is the magnificence of the metadata that Allmusic has on that album


If you click the three-dot menu of Rhiannon in the Rumours Live album, does it show a “Go to Composition” entry?

Edit: You may find these two posts and the links they contain helpful:

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To answer my own question, it does not - i.e., it is not recognized as being a composition, and therefore doesn’t link to the composition page in Roon and its other recordings

I already flagged that in my post :slight_smile:

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I missed that :slight_smile:

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We have all done it.

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