Something is amiss with the Bruno Walter metadata

When you perform a search for “Bruno Walter”, it does list him in the autocomplete list but the Top result instead shows “New York Philharmonic”.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 4.11.30 PM

It does list albums in my collection featuring Bruno Walter:

But if you go to an album and then click through to the Bruno Walter artist page, it doesn’t list any albums in my collection, but only two Recommended albums:

same, or worse here. looking for bruno walter i get

…portishead and thomas schippers in the results.
then, clicking on (composer?) Bruno Walter, i get:

… missing the only one album i have.

this is not a problem in metadata. it’s a BUG in new 1.8. look at another post of mine about Horowitz

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I’m not seeing the bug, when I do a find for Bruno Walter, I get him (not the NYPhil), and clicking on his name gives me the expected list of Bruno Walter albums. This suggests there might be a metadata thing to this after all.

I’m seeing the same issue with Harold Farberman. I have one album in my collection but it isn’t listed under the composer:

When I click on Discography, The collection button doesn’t light up as if there are no albums in my collection.

And just to make sure I’m looking at the right artist, I clicked through to the artist page from the album in my collection.