Something new from CHORD

Just in time for Xmas -

Is it just me that finds Chord Products so damn ugly.

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it is compensated by how they sound :wink:

It’s not just you. :sweat_smile: I’m happy that I only have the Chord Dave and not a full Chord system since I think they are, at the lack of a better description, overly designed. The sound is magnificent and the Dave itself is quite good looking once you get used to it. A stack of them though … I dunno. :laughing:

(Thinking of demoing the M-Scaler and even though it’s a minimalistic Chord design it will mess up my setup visually)

Interesting news anyhow!

Colourful; especially the DACs, I suppose. :sunglasses:

Ha, thanks @CrystalGipsy, I thought I was the only one in the Audio world. No matter how great they sound I will have to have lost my damn mind to buy one. Chord mojo for instance looks like something my 10-year old boy should be playing with. What’s with those colored lights that are supposed to tell you what sample rate you’re playing. I have been tempted so many times to comment on the awful designs but judging by it’s popularity in the audiophile universe, I refrained. But I guess that’s what makes the world goes round, different taste.


I guess so. I love the tactile feel and styling of the Mojo and the quirky design of the 2Qute. They are objets d’art. :smile:

I kinda like the Chord designs even if they tend to go over the top a bit! I do think they sound better than average DACs though.
I should, as i have a Mojo, Hugo and a Hugo TT!!! :wink:
They are not particulary user friendly imo though, i cant remember which sample rate each colour represent, and the rotary volume controller is very difficult to de-throne!

All I know is that a blue light is not MQA Studio authenticated. :wink:

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You’re not alone. Not that I could afford any of them at the moment. But, boy, it’s definitely a look I’d have to explain to SO and friends.

You spent ÂŁ100,000 ON THAT??? :laughing:


It just proves the placebo effect. Most people are heavily influenced by their expectations. If it looks extremely expensive “out of this world” and from a Star Trek movie then expectations are much greater. Chances are buyers’ minds actually hear significant audible improvements simply from all that chrome and lights and aluminium billet block machining. Chances are if you invite someone to your house then they will be impressed even before a device such as this is turned on. Reviewers are just as easily influenced as they are often not well heeled themselves and can rarely if ever afford any of the higher end devices.

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Oh, that thingy looks…interesting. What does it do?