Sometimes Can't Edit Album Artwork

Sometimes dragging art into the Drag in an image window doesn’t work.
Is it a function of the size of the image file? Image file type?
I’m using the art from Discogs.
Mostly it works but last night I had a handful not work out of 15 albums and just now I had 2 in a row not work…
Make that three. The first two had no art and the third had art but I wanted to change it to artthat didn’t have the REMASTERED banner down the spine. No dice, doesn’t accept it.

What format are the images that don’t work? PNG or jpg or bmp? Have you tried a screen capture of the image and dragging that in?

Hi @David_Bettridge,

When you’re adding art to Roon and it doesn’t work, if you try to add it again does it work? Or does a file that doesn’t work always not work?

Can you share an example of a file that doesn’t work?

After a shut-down last night and a start-up this morning, dragging images is working again. All the ones that previously didn’t work (on 2 separate occasions) worked this morning.
Very mysterious.

To Answer dylan’s question: yes, when it wasn’t working no number of retries would work.
Discog’s image standards are " Accepted image formats are .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. Images must be larger than 150 px wide and less than 4 MB. "

For images that Discogs doesn’t have (which is rare) or ones I don’t care for, I have successfully screen-shotted (I made up a new word!) them and then added them to Roon via Edit Image and finding it on my Desktop.

Thanks for the info, @David_Bettridge.

If you get into this state where they can’t be added again, or discover specific steps that result in this behavior, please let us know and we can take a closer look!

I sure will, thanks!