Sonarworks ASIO Driver "Device not found"

Roon Core Machine

Win 10, 6700k, 16gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not relevant

Connected Audio Devices

Topping D90LE, USB

Number of Tracks in Library

Not relevant

Description of Issue

I’m not able to use Sonarworks ASIO driver inside ROON . When I try to enable the device, it says “Device not found”.

Works flawlessly in Qobuz.

Any ideas?

2022-10-27 20_39_31-SoundID Reference

I also have this problem, says “Device not found” for Sonarworks ASIO Driver. Can anyone from Roon comment on this?

Hello @Filip_Nilsson , @Erik_Hellman ,

This issue might have something to do with Sonarworks inability to switch between sample rates automatically, please see the following post on their forum:

Are you able to use the APO driver with Roon?

Hi @noris ,

Thanks for the suggestion. However, with proper ASIO to ASIO there is no need for Sonarworks to change sample rate, it gets the correct sample rate directly. This happens correctly with Qobuz, since I am able to choose ‘Sonarworks ASIO Driver’. My DAC changes the sample rate according to the track and gets calibrated. See pic. APO does not work.

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