Sonett Hermes from HP ELITEBOOK 8740w

Roon Core Machine

HP ELITEBOOK 8740w with Windows 10, 16GB of RAM.
Files on WD passport Ultra portable 2TB hard drive.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hermes hooked to to ethernet switch to connect to network.

Connected Audio Devices

Sonett Hermes/Morpheus combo.

Number of Tracks in Library.

17,000 songs

Description of Issue

Roon will barely play on laptop, hit a few keys and Roon will not respond.

When I try to pick Sonett Hermes it won’t play.

This box is confusing. I’m Old.

If you are just setting Roon up then it will scan/analyze your entire library which can take awhile. During this process Roon can become slow, especially on older hardware. You can go into Settings/Library and stop the analysis. Then when you are not using Roon, you can start the analysis up again.

The laptop should be connected to your network by ethernet, btw.

Yes the laptop is. Just wish everything would just work. Roon just says Roon is not responding. Wish the Hermes would work with Jriver. Jriver is easy. It is not fancy, just works. Never thought Roon would be difficult to get started. Just feels like money wasted with the hermes and roon.
Just venting now, thanks.

Hi @GIL_PENA, can you try going to Settings > Library and set Background Analysis to off? Is there any improvement after doing that?

What does resource usage look like during this time?