Song and Artist Not Displayed for Radio Paradise FLAC streams

I listen to Radio Paradise frequently. There are 4 RP streams and each is available at several data rates/resolutions. I noticed that no artist/song info is displayed in Roon when listening to the FLAC streams. It is available when listening to all the lower resolution streams (MP3/AAC). Not sure if this is a RP issue or a Roon issue, but it would be great if it could be fixed :grinning:


FLAC Links

Main Mix FLAC (
Mellow Mix FLAC (
Rock Mix FLAC (
Eclectic Mix FLAC (

These links currently do not currently include stream metadata (song title info). Not our choice. We would if we could.

This is nothing new and applies to FLAC streams from other stations too AFAIK.

thanks for clarifying :+1:

I have just moved over to Roon from jRiver and one of the reasons that I keep JRiver is that they have Radio Paradise’s FLAC radio streams built into their Radio/Streaming function with song and artist details (and this then is scrobbled to So it is possible…somehow?

So, Roon is rubbish then. I thought that I was missing something in the settings. My Squeezebox Touch can do it, FFS! Why not Roon?

Not only can LMS do it, but JRiver also. So what’s up with Roon?

See Radio Paradise FLAC stream with artist and track name - unofficial experimental hack -