Song Info/facts/background request

Could we get information about the songs (facts, background, etc.)?
LastFM, SongFacts, etc, have some of this info available.

Here’s an example of song info, using RompR. Clementine music player also provides this.

Geez… not a peep…

Sadly, my ROON renewal date is in 3days time… and I won’t be renewing.

If this feature ever arrives, please ping me :slight_smile:

If you search the forum you will find there are many questions and answers on such feature requests.

I did, buddy…
Couldn’t find anything for song info like I posted…

Closest I found was one request regarding a link to Song Facts in Jan2017… that came to nothing:

However, please send me the links to these ‘…questions and answers on such feature requests.’ :slight_smile:

Whole discussion is normally under the metadata track this is one of the main ones around supplementing metadata and sources.


I searched that thread, and found nothing on ‘song’ metadata (‘Song Info/facts/background’ as per the thread title)…

LMS/Daphile, etc. has the same album and artist metadata as ROON (most likely the same source)… but that was not what I am looking for… (everyone has that)

I’ve moved to RompR now, as it better than ROON

You might find additional chatter if you use “track” as well as “song”.