Songs aren't outputting sound [self-resolved]

Hi Roon team. Before I get into my issue, I’d like to say that Roon is the best thing to enter my life this year. I love it to death.

Roon setup:
Core on Windows 10 64bit Intel i5 6600K 8gb ram
Bluesound Node 2
NAD integrated amp

Music is stored in This PC/Music on an internal HDD 7200 17,000 tracks


I was previously on 1.3 and then updated to build 200 tonight. I then played a few tracks. Then I added some music files to my music folder, and the next thing I know, I am unable to get sound to output when I click play. This is happening with every music file. I don’t believe I changed any settings but maybe I’m blanking on something I did really fast.

What happens is, I hit play, the song plays visually in the app including song progress in the bottom bar and including the purple light that appears for Tidal tracks or stored tracks, but no sound plays. The other strange part is that the song progress bar freezes on certain seconds and then continues randomly. It’s like 1 2 3… 4 5 6 7… 8 9 etc. Not sure if this makes sense haha.

I’m not sure what happened between it working and not working.

Thanks a bunch.

nvm I got it. Just had to update Bluesound Node.