Songs From Tidal Don't Get Added To Library. Restart resolves issues


There are a lot of album art and library adding issues lately in Roon. A lot of restarts are needed on a daily basis to makes sure that random songs are added, and that Roon doesn’t just freeze up halfway through adding the song. Same thing goes for displaying album art. I’ll scroll through my tidal playlists, and album art will fail to display after a few relatively quicker scrollings through the playlist.

Are you guys working on interface issues on the back end that could be causing this? It seems to be happening more and more lately.

Can’t address your concerns with possible problems, but you can always go to Settings==>Services to do an immediate sync of Tidal, without the need for restart.

Hello @Jacob_Goldman, Slim has a good suggestion here. If you force a sync with TIDAL does everything come through as expected? To test this you can add content to TIDAL via TIDAL and then run the sync option in Roon.

That wasn’t good. Now my library won’t stop syncing now.

Can still play music, but I see the wheel over and over in the tidal settings, and it continually says that it’s syncing my library, even when I restarted Roon, lol.

Edit: it stopped. I don’t think that’s the root cause of the problem. I’ll let you know if it persists next time I add music my normal way to Roon and Tidal.

It seems like changing the amount of memory for photos/artwork in the “about” part of settings seems to help. I’ll let everyone know if this seems like a permanent solution.

Still no dice. I’ve posted in another thread that seems to have a more accurate description of my problem.

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