Songs on my Apple Music Library Not Showing in Roon

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sonic 1 gig pipe;

Connected Audio Devices

Mac Mini HDMI, Arcam ST60 Streamer Roon Ready LAN Connection

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I show complete albums when I look at Apple Music via Mini, but when showing the same album in roon there are only a couple of songs showing vs the complete album. The same display is showed on my Roon Core on the Mac Mini vs my Arcam Streamer

@Fred_Almgren, welcome to the community. A fellow user here, but so the community and Roon staff can provide support for you, can you please clarify your Apple Music library in a bit more detail? Are these all local files, and files not downloaded from the Apple Music subscription service, or are these all local files that you organize in Apple Music (the old iTunes approach, which is what I use)?

If the former, Roon does not integrate or support Apple Music’s subscription service. If the latter, how is your music library set up in Roon, and is this a recent issue or have you had for awhile?

These are local files that I downloaded from CDs onto my Mac Mini the old style. Import into ITunes FLAC. I can see them when I load up Apple Music. As an example, I was looking at Tommy Castro Painkiller album via Roon on Arcam Streamer. It only showed two tracks. I then looked at my Core on my Mac Mini and it showed the same. I then went to Apple Music, looked it up in my library and it showed the entire album. Hope this helps.


This is not a new issue. I also have the issues where the library shows multiple covers of the Album instead of having all the songs show up in the album. This is ongoing as well.

This may be related to how the music is organized on your hard drive and what Roon’s storage settings are.
It might help us if you post a screenshot of your Roon storage settings.

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A screenshot showing what you mean by multiple covers might help too.
Do you mean the same album is appearing multiple times?

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I think I found the tracks not in Roon. I found that they were in the cloud on Apple Music. I downloaded and they showed up. Unfortunately, they were there before and I don’t know how they got uploaded. I will work on a screen shot for the multiple Album art/song entries in Roon.


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Duplicate tracks/albums can be caused by having more than one copy of the file on your hard drive or if the same folder on your hard drive appears in more than one path in roon storage settings.

Thanks. It is not duplicate tracks and albums. I import the album on my Mac mini and it shows up in Roon with some album art showing some of the tracks under that art and other under a duplicate art. Sorry if I am confusing the issue and not clear.


It’s not you. It’s just the nature of forums: It can be hard for others to visualize what is happening based on text descriptions and because there can be many variables.
A picture/screenshot of what you’re seeing will help.

I’m guessing, but I suspect different tracks may have different album art embedded in the metadata and/or there are multiple image files in the album folder.

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When I use Apple Music (for me it’s still iTunes) to import my music, I let Apple find the metadata and then ensure the cover art is correct. If it is correct from Apple, I go into the Get Info section, and copy the cover art from Apple and paste it again (right over the identical image), this seems to resolve issues later on with having the correct cover art. I had issues in the past where the cover art would not embed in the files, and just as you have found, occasionally cover art would vary by track.

If the cover art is incorrect, I find a copy of it and paste it into the Get Info section, save the paste, and go in and paste it again. For whatever reason, this seems to resolve most of my Apple Music cover art issues. Then I clean up any of the track listings if necessary.

Then Roon imports all of this and does its metadata magic and improves the track information while I retain the cover art control. Does this help?


Thanks. I will check on that and report back. The album art looks the same, but I understand that the metadata might be different.


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