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Small Green Computer -Sonic Transporter I5

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I’ve just purchased Small Green Computer’s Sonic Transporter I5. I have a couple of questions…

1, Sonic Transporter Roon/ Qobuz issue: I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz. Tidal works just fine but Qobuz is giving me error saying that I need to check my account. I am also using Mac mini and have no issues playing Qobuz files whatsoever. Is there something in a setup I’m missing?
3. Sonic Transporter NAS drive issue: ST can not connect Roon to my NAS drive for some reason. I mounted it successfully. I did exactly the same thing I did with my MacMini (again, NAS is working just fine with Roon if I switch to Mac) but I’m getting connection error.

Are there any specific steps in Roon set up I’m missing?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi @Branislav_Petrovic,

Welcome to the community, let me try to address your questions:

Is the behavior the same when you use the Qobuz web player ( Are you able to play tracks all the way until the end using the web player? If you are limited to just 30 seconds this would indicate a Qobuz account issue and I would reach out to Qobuz for further help.

How are you mounting the NAS here, is it via IP address or hostname? I would try mounting via IP address is you are by any chance mounting via hostname to see if it will help. More information in this regard can be found on our NAS Troubleshooting FAQ.

Also, how is the NAS connected to the network compared to the SonicTransporter. Are you using the same switch to connect them both or is the sonictransporter on a different subnet or VLAN?

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