Sonic Transporter I5, Roon 1.3 DSP issues

I cannot get the upsample DSP’s to work without dropping out. Roon say they are loading slow, may be a hardware issue. Wondering if the I5 may not be powerful enough to run all the features in 1.3.

Any thoughts out there?

thank you

What are your settings that are failing you? Screenshot of signal path would be helpful

I have an Auralic Aries streamer and a Wadia i122 DSD DAC. Using new CAT7 ethernet cables. New AC Linxys router

Hi Chris,

Looks like only Parametric EQ is enabled, correct ? Can you show the screen for that ?

When you toggle DSP off do you get sound ?

Oh, and current screen shot shows Disabled I realize. Problems occur when enabled

  1. you just updated and are probably doing analysis on your library, which uses a lot of cpu
  1. we’ve seen an 6th generation i3 be able to do DSD128, but a lot depends on the source material you are upsampling. maybe @agillis can help check out the load on your box?

Yes, its the upsampling that is the issue. EQ seemed to work fine with 16bit 44k material.

No, DSD64 does not work nor do the pcm upsampling options

It is now having issue with DSD source material. I wonder if that’s due to the analysis

you can turn off analysis to test… but put it back or you will lose features :slight_smile:

Really appreciate all the help guys. And btw I LOVE Roon. Got one of my friends to buy it also …

So I’ve turned off the Analysis, but it still shows the Dynamic range at the bottom. And same drop out issues

in signal path, what do you see when you get drop outs? i wanted that screenshot originally because it has a processing speed indicator


and FYI The DSD album played fine on my hardware on Roon 1.2

those show no dsp enabled… you are getting dropouts even without dsp?

also, you confirmed the analysis is off?

Well, DSP was off in the first screen shot. Bill Evans DSD source.

Second screen shot is DSD DSP

Yes Analysis shows off in settings, although I’m still seeing the dymanic range lines at the bottom of the playing now screen. I was thinking those go away when analysis is off??

No, that shows that the analysis for that album was done and the results stored.