Sonic transporter install and squeezebox

I have a new SonicT, a ssd with music files and am successfully playing through an oppo 205. I also have a squeezebox touch and a SBclassic and wish to use the sqtouch to stream to the oppo as it will synch then with the SBclassic in another room as a zone. Problem; the squeezebox devices are not found on my network. The Touch is ethernetted to the router as is the SonicT . Controller is 64 bit iPad.
I did download the squeezebox server when setting up as I was given this option but it occurs to me that perhaps Roon has a SB server in it so I may have overcomplicated things.
Can you help please?

Hi @Ian_Clark ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us! Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would recommend uninstalling “squeezebox server” and confirming that you have “enable squeezebox support” set to “yes” (path: “settings” - > “setup”).


all sorted thanks

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