Sonicorbiter OS 2.8

I discovered that OS 2.8 is out (I was running 2.7), so I purchased the SD card from Small Green Computer.

I have noticed improvements in the app switcher, speed to reboot, and overall improved reliability staying on my network.

FYI for those who like to stay up to date. Once I find release notes, I’ll share them.


Mine just arrived a few minutes ago. Glad to see you’ve noticed speed improvements. I’m looking forward to Spotify working properly again.

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Is the only way to obtain version 2.8 to purchase a new SD card? I tried the online update function but it only re-installs version 2.7. Do I need to buy a new card to get version 2.8 for my ultraRendu?


I asked about this. I wish it were OTA, but it’s unfortunately via SD card only.

I ordered the 2.8 update and got the new micro-SD card today. I popped the old one out, and slid the new one in (I was in front of the ultraRendu so I didn’t have direct view of the slot), and was horrified to feel it slip all the way in with zero resistance! I removed all the cables from the unit and turned it around so I could look in the slot – the micro-SD card had slipped into a gap between the top of the card slot and the case opening! It took a few minutes of tense maneuvering with a piece of Scotch tape and a pocket knife blade, but I was finally able to extract the card. I was then able to insert it correctly.

That slip-up scared me – I was envisioning having to disassemble the ultraRendu in order to retrieve the card. I suppose my experience was not the norm, but it would be nice if the new card came with a warning that this gap exists and can swallow up your card if you’re not careful!

Good advice, and I’m happy you were able to fix it quickly.

I can’t find a list of improvements or new features anywhere. What are they?

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I have asked for release notes, but I’m told they are not available at this time.

I mentioned this hazard to Andrew at Small Green Computers and he referred me to this installation video (which I didn’t know existed) as it talks about the possibility of the card missing the slot, same as what happened to me:

Andrew has a new video up on this topic:

Some people are having issues finding the hole:)


If you guys had designed the case to have a closer tolerance fit around the micro SD slot there wouldn’t have been this potential hazard. It’s easy enough to do if you’re looking directly at the back panel of the ultraRendu, but I was trying to do it by feel from in front of the unit.

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Stop complaining and just insert it correctly…it’s not hard.



Same thing happened on my microRendu. Had to remove the mR front panel and reinsert the card. Quick fix.

Excellent work…enjoy!

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When it’s not hard it’s even harder to find the hole. At least so I’ve heard.

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Ditto - what does the upgrade do?

No audible difference that I can discern.

Any news on the release note?

@Jesus_Rodriguez could you offer some notes on the 2.8 updates?

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